Apple Releases WWDC 13 Official App


Apple has released its official WWDC 13 app for iOS. It features session videos and the keynote, and is geared towards developers.

Developers can stream the keynote and watch the sessions, which are especially useful for those who were not able to make the trip or pay the cost of tickets and travel.

Those who do get to attend can make use of the app by scheduling any sessions and meetings, using the app to navigate through Moscone and even store their registration information via Passbook.

This WWDC is rather important from an iOS user’s perspective as many want to see what sort of changes have come from Apple design boss Jony Ive taking over interface design. It may be the biggest change to the UI we’ve seen. Of course, much of this is based on rumor and speculation, and we have very little to go by. Regardless, it should bring a handful of new software announcements and features for iOS and OS X. We also expect Apple to bump up it’s Mac hardware. Don’t expect any new iOS devices, though.


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