Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote Happens Today (Liveblog Here)

Apple Keynote times

Today is Apple’s big day in the spotlight. The company will announce new details about iOS 7 and Mac OS X. We will finally see Jony Ive’s new vision of iOS. This is significant, because he may not have been a fan of some of the design ideas in iOS before. Now he’s in charge of how it looks. Hit the jump for a liveblog of the event.

14.24 10/22/2013

The iPad Air is pretty thin. It’s looking great. Either way, that’s the end of the presentation. No new iPods this time. And, no, there is no new Apple TV. (Not that we expected that one)

14.21 10/22/2013

Things seem to be getting ready to wrap up. Tim Cook is summing things up. Let’s hope he drops a ‘One More Thing’

14.19 10/22/2013

The new iPad mini comes later in November. The iPad mini goes down to 9 for last years model, and the new mini is now 9. By the way, doesn’t look like the iPad Air is ready for cellular yet.

14.17 10/22/2013

The iPad mini is getting a Retina display. This had to happen. Good.

14.16 10/22/2013

The iPad Air looks great and very light.

Now it’s mini time.

14.15 10/22/2013

Looks like no Touch ID based on the videos.

14.13 10/22/2013

7.5mm thin. Wow.

14.12 10/22/2013

The iPad Air maintains the current iPad pricing. The iPad 2 sticks around for 9.


The iPad Air ships November 1.

14.10 10/22/2013

Also has the M7 coprocessor for motion.

14.09 10/22/2013

It has an A7 chip.

14.09 10/22/2013

It weighs 1 pound. Wow. That’s the lightest iPad (lightest full-sized tablet) ever.

14.08 10/22/2013

20 percent thinner. It’s seriously very thin looking.

14.07 10/22/2013

The iPad looks like what we expected so far. It’s also now called the iPad Air.

iPad 5

14.06 10/22/2013

Phil is back to talk about the next-gen iPads.

14.04 10/22/2013

Time for another video. This one showing off how people are using the iPad for all sorts of applications: business, photos, work, etc.

14.02 10/22/2013

Right now it’s mostly just talk about the success of the iPad.

14.01 10/22/2013

Tim Cook mentions that someone once said the iPad would never replace netbooks. He adds, “Who remembers netbooks?”

ipad changing industry


170 millionth iPad sold this month.

13.59 10/22/2013

It’s iPad time.

13.57 10/22/2013

“even collaborate with others stuck on a PC.” All iWork is free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device. Today.

13.55 10/22/2013

You can now collaborate with others in Pages. It’s all in real-time at the same time.

13.54 10/22/2013

A great Pages demo at the expense of Eddy Cue.

13.52 10/22/2013

Eddy says that the current presentation is actually running on the new version of Keynote.

13.51 10/22/2013

Pages has a context-sensitive side panel. Depending on what you select, it will change to give you options for your selection.

13.50 10/22/2013

iWork stuff. We can open things over iCloud and even open your document on a PC (through the browser).

13.49 10/22/2013

All the iLife stuff is free with a new Mac or iOS device. They are all available today.

13.48 10/22/2013

GarageBand now has some in-app purchases.

13.48 10/22/2013

We are seeing GarageBand. It’s apparently the most-used DAW out there. Likely because it’s free with every Mac. They are adding session drummers to GarageBand. That’s a Logic X feature.

13.45 10/22/2013

iMovie Theater lets you see all you’ve created in iMovie. Works over iCloud.

13.44 10/22/2013

iMovie for Mac is also updated.

13.44 10/22/2013

iMovie is redesigned for iOS 7. Looks cleaner. It will be interesting to see how it looks when in use.

13.43 10/22/2013

iPhoto Photobooks coming to iPad. You can have these made for you just like on Mac. Very cool.

13.42 10/22/2013

Eddy Cue is up. He’s going to tell us about software.

13.41 10/22/2013

It’s a very pretty computer. Seriously. I would love to make music on one.

13.39 10/22/2013

Video showing how the new Mac Pro is put together.

13.39 10/22/2013

It’s as quiet as a Mac Mini. It’s designed by Apple, of course. Also, assembled in the US.

13.38 10/22/2013

Mac Pro starts at 99. Much more than most of us can pay for a computer, but it’s ideal for professional-type work. It launches December.

13.37 10/22/2013

Final Cut Pro X has been updated for the Mac Pro. Allows for real-time editing of 4K movies.

A bunch of lucky folks got to use the new Mac Pro.

13.35 10/22/2013

This thing is a beast. It supports up to three 4K displays.

13.33 10/22/2013

Mac Pro


“Fastest processor we’ve ever put in a Mac”

13.32 10/22/2013

Mac Pro time.

13.30 10/22/2013

The New 15 inch MacBook Pro is now going to be 99.

13.29 10/22/2013

13-inch MacBook Pro now starts at 99. Ships today.

13.29 10/22/2013

Phil Schiller just renamed Batman.

13.27 10/22/2013

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro is lighter. Thinner, too.

13.25 10/22/2013

It’s available today.

13.24 10/22/2013

Mavricks is FREE!

13.21 10/22/2013

The new Safari is looking great.

13.20 10/22/2013

Haha. He received a message from his wife about his untucked shirt. Replied, “Phil is my fashion guru.”

13.18 10/22/2013

Right now it’s just a live demo of OS X. Craig is showing off some iBooks and working on a mock report on Pages.

13.17 10/22/2013

Maps and iBooks are also coming to the Mac.

13.16 10/22/2013

Notifications now allow for you to respond within the notification. (For instance in Messages. No need to launch Messages to reply to an iMessage)

13.15 10/22/2013


Mavericks is also smarter about how it handles graphics, says Craig.

13.14 10/22/2013


He’s talking about battery and memory usage improvements with OS X Mavericks. “Allows us to fix 6GB of data in just 4GB of RAM.”

13.13 10/22/2013

Craig F Apple

13.12 10/22/2013


First is OS X talk with Craig Federighi. We will just call him Craig from here on out.

13.11 10/22/2013

Now some talk about Macs. Nothing really major or specific. Cook is just talking about overall success with its computers and Mac OS.

13.09 10/22/2013

Now some talk about iOS 7. In a nutshell, people like it. Over 200 million devices running iOS 7 within first 5 days. 64 percent of iOS devices running system 7. It was actually the most successful software launch ever.

13.07 10/22/2013

The music for that one was One Republic – Life in Color.

13.06 10/22/2013

Time for a video.

iPhone 5C video

13.05 10/22/2013

Cook is talking about the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5C. He’s mentioning some of the positive reviews, too. Mentions a review by Walk Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

Sold 9 million over launch weekend “biggest iPhone launch ever.”

13.03 10/22/2013

Tim Cook is on stage.

13.02 10/22/2013

By the way, the music is Katy Perry’s Last Survivor.

13.02 10/22/2013

Right now it’s just a nice little line art video presentation like we saw at the beginning of the last event.

13.00 10/22/2013

Looks like it’s starting.

12.59 10/22/2013

So far we just have some music playing. Is This How You Feel by Katy Perry and Wait for ME by Kings of Leon

12.07 10/22/2013

Just a quick test. Seems things are working. The conference should start in a little less than an hour.

14.13 09/10/2013

Well, that’s it. Thanks for sitting in. Time to go update the site.

14.10 09/10/2013

Elvis Costello taking the stage.

14.10 09/10/2013

Music break time. Says Cook. “We do really love music.”

14.08 09/10/2013

Now some ads for the new phones.

14.06 09/10/2013

Launches Sept. 20.


Same for the iPhone 5C. Pre-orders sept. 13. Launch Sept. 20. It will launch in China day one.

14.05 09/10/2013

Preorders start this Friday, Sept. 13.

14.05 09/10/2013

iPhone 4S is now free with a contract.

14.05 09/10/2013

Apple is making cases for these, too.

14.04 09/10/2013

16GB is 9. 32GB is 9 and 64GB is 9. in other words, pricing is all the same.

14.03 09/10/2013

Fingerprint is secure “It’s never available to other software, never uploaded to Apple’s servers or backed up to the cloud.”

14.02 09/10/2013

It can handle multiple fingerprints. Not a physical button, but a touch.

14.00 09/10/2013

Nice. This is a welcomed feature. You can touch to authenticate apps, etc.

13.59 09/10/2013

home button

13.58 09/10/2013

finger print sensor

13.58 09/10/2013

Touch ID

13.57 09/10/2013

“The most common way is to set up a passcode” for protection, says Schillr. Now we ahve Touch ID.

13.56 09/10/2013

“third feature is all about security”

13.56 09/10/2013

28-mp panorama iPhone adjust exposure as you pan.

13.54 09/10/2013

It will be nice to see the sample photos once Apple puts them on the site.

13.54 09/10/2013

HD video at 720p at 120fps.

13.53 09/10/2013

120fps slow-mo confirmed.

13.53 09/10/2013

it creates many photos, so it will analyze them all and show you the one it thinks is the best.

13.53 09/10/2013

Combines photos for proper light levels.

13.52 09/10/2013

New burst mode. 10 frames per second. picks sharpest photo of multiple pics.

13.51 09/10/2013

Auto image stabilization

13.51 09/10/2013

Dual -led flash 1) cool white 2) warm amber, and it will combine to get the right balance “over 1,000 variations”

13.50 09/10/2013

Camera app sets white balance, exposure, creates dynamic local tone map, autoficus matrix metering with 15 zones automatically. It picks the sharpest of mutiple photos.

13.48 09/10/2013

Pixels are 1.5 microns. “Bigger pixels = better picture.”

13.48 09/10/2013

New five-element Apple-desigend lens. f2.2 aperture.


13.47 09/10/2013

Battery life:

Battery life iPhone 5S

13.46 09/10/2013

Now we’re learning about the M7. Motion coprocessor.

– continiously measures motion data, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, enables a new generation of fitness and health apps.

iOS 7

– new coremotion API

– identifies user movement.

– optimizations based on contextual awareness.


13.44 09/10/2013

Infinity Blade III coming “alongside the new iPhone 5S.”

13.42 09/10/2013

Talking Infinity Blade 3, but the Home Button is more interesting:

new home button

13.40 09/10/2013

Donald Mustard of ChAIR entertainment on stage talking Infinity Blade.

13.39 09/10/2013

“Over twice as fast” as the iPhone 5.

13.38 09/10/2013

iOS 7 64bit

13.37 09/10/2013


A7 chip

13.37 09/10/2013

This has an A7 chip. 64 bit. “World’s first and only smartphone with a 64-bit chip.”

13.36 09/10/2013

Dual-led flash is real.

13.35 09/10/2013

Comes in three colors: Gold, slate and silver.

iPhone 5S

13.35 09/10/2013

Now iPhone 5S. “Perhaps the most foward thinking phone anyone has ever made.” says Schiller.

13.34 09/10/2013

“It’s quite remarkable when something feels familiar and yet is new at the same time. That’s the iPhone 5C.”says Jony Ive in the promo video.

13.31 09/10/2013


iPhone 5C side

13.28 09/10/2013

for 16GB and 9 for 32GB. with contract.

13.28 09/10/2013

New FaceTime HD camera on the front. 1.9u pixels and backside illumination.

13.27 09/10/2013

made of hard-coated polycarbonate.

4-inch Retina display. Integrated touch. Full sRGB standard. Widescreen video. A6 processor like tat of the iPhone 5. Slightly larger battery. “console-level graphics.”

13.26 09/10/2013


Apple has also made soft silicone rubber cases with cutouts so that you can see the original color underneath.

13.25 09/10/2013

iPhone 5C shots

13.24 09/10/2013

Here it is:

iPhone 5C

13.24 09/10/2013

Time for a video showing off the iPhone 5C

13.23 09/10/2013

It’s basically an iPhone 5 in a new shell.

13.23 09/10/2013

Phil Schiller talks iPhone 5C


13.22 09/10/2013


“With not one, but two new designs”

13.22 09/10/2013


“This year, we’re going to replace the iPhone 5”

13.22 09/10/2013

iPhone 5 has seen the most successful first year of any iPhone.

13.21 09/10/2013

The apps are available for download when you set up a new iOS device.

13.20 09/10/2013

iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) iMovie and iPhoto are now free with any new iOS device.

13.20 09/10/2013

Now some talk about creativity apps: iMovie, iPhoto.

13.19 09/10/2013


Just a quick look at the iWork apps for iOS.

13.18 09/10/2013

“Best-selling mobile productivity apps.”

13.18 09/10/2013


Tim Cook is back. Talking iWork.

13.17 09/10/2013

iOS 7 works on these devices:

iOS 7 compatibility

13.17 09/10/2013

iOS 7 launches September 18.

13.16 09/10/2013

“There are over 200 [new] features.”

13.16 09/10/2013


iTunes Radio. This is Apple’s Pandora-like service. It lets you stream music and make purchases if you like the currently-playing song.

13.14 09/10/2013

Camera features being discussed. We do love the new camera roll.

iOS 7 camera

13.13 09/10/2013

Haha. Nice reminder onscreen during the conference: Pick up shampoo and conditioner today at 9:30 AM.

13.13 09/10/2013

Okay. Cool. Now tell us about the iPhone!

13.12 09/10/2013

Siri now searches Tweets and Wikipedia.

13.12 09/10/2013

You can access search in iOS by simply pulling down anywhere on the home screen.

13.10 09/10/2013

Now some of the features of iOS 7. Nothing we haven’t seen if you haven’t been checking out the builds.

13.10 09/10/2013

“Virtually overnight, hundreds of millions of people will download iOS 7.”

13.09 09/10/2013


Time for Craig Federighi to talk up Apple’s mobile OS.

13.09 09/10/2013

“iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s most popular operating system,” says Cook.

13.08 09/10/2013

Now talk about iOS 7.

13.08 09/10/2013

Boring retail talk, but this Apple Store in Stanford, CA looks awesome:

Apple store stanford cali

13.05 09/10/2013

Just a promo video for iTunes festival. Stages being set up, etc.

13.04 09/10/2013

Time for a video showing off iTunes Festival.

13.03 09/10/2013

iTunes Festival streams live to over 100 countries, says Cook.

13.03 09/10/2013

He’s going into iTunes Festival. It’s in its 7th year. “thirty nights of live music events in London.” I haven’t kept up with that, but Apple TV keeps reminding me to check it out.

13.02 09/10/2013

Tim Cook is on stage.

13.01 09/10/2013

It’s almost time. Hopefully we see some cool stuff today.

12.24 09/10/2013

Testing. Testing. Are you ready?

15.02 06/10/2013

And we’re done. There you have it, folks. See? No new iPad.

15.02 06/10/2013

Tim Cook is wrapping things up.

14.58 06/10/2013

The SDK will allow for physics to UI in apps. Kinda cool. iPhone iOS 7 betas today. iOS 7 iPad betas “in coming weeks.”

14.58 06/10/2013


14.57 06/10/2013


14.56 06/10/2013


14.56 06/10/2013

Activation Lock: if someone tries to wipe iphone or turn off iPhone they won’t be able to activate it. They need your iCloud info. HAHA suckers.

14.55 06/10/2013

Lots of new iOS 7 users. Some stuff for Chinese users, too.

14.55 06/10/2013


14.54 06/10/2013

iTunes radio is free with ads, or iTunes match users get it with no ads. Built into iOS, Apple TV, and Mac.

14.53 06/10/2013


14.53 06/10/2013

iTunes radio good for those who like streams. You can buy the music from the app.

14.53 06/10/2013

The new Music app looks cool. There is also a radio. You can check out streams of songs.

14.52 06/10/2013


14.51 06/10/2013


14.51 06/10/2013


14.50 06/10/2013


14.50 06/10/2013

App Store updates your apps automatically! YES! This used to be such a pain. Seriously.

14.49 06/10/2013


14.48 06/10/2013

Lots of eyes-free functions. Read iMessages, and more.

14.48 06/10/2013


14.47 06/10/2013

iOS in the Car. Siri is a big part, says Cue.

14.47 06/10/2013

Bing, Wikipedia are part of SIRI services


14.47 06/10/2013

You can tell Siri to do other things: increase brightness, etc. Check twitter, Wikipedia integration, Bing results.

14.46 06/10/2013


14.46 06/10/2013

Siri has a new voice. Not a fan. 🙁 I’ll miss my old Siri.

14.46 06/10/2013

New Siri look. Has a soundwave at the bottom.

14.46 06/10/2013

Eddy Cue is up. He’s going to talk about Siri.

14.45 06/10/2013

New Share tab makes sharing photos easier, too.

14.45 06/10/2013


14.44 06/10/2013


14.44 06/10/2013


14.43 06/10/2013

These collections work intelligently to organize into trips. For instance, if you go visit Orlando, Florida. It will organize by locations. All of those Orlando pictures will then be in one area as well. All photos taken at or around home will also be in one collection, and so on.

14.42 06/10/2013


14.42 06/10/2013

iOS 7 will help with photo organization. Photos organized by “moments” for instance, if you visit the beach, it will organize those photos together. If you go to a wedding, it will organize those according to their location, etc.

14.41 06/10/2013


14.41 06/10/2013

14.41 06/10/2013

iOS 7 has a new camera. Swipe between cameras. photo, camera, panoramic, square. Filters are included.

14.40 06/10/2013


14.40 06/10/2013

Sharing through AirDrop is very simple, “No need to run around bumping your phone …”

14.40 06/10/2013


14.39 06/10/2013


14.39 06/10/2013

AirDrop is also coming to iOS 7.

14.38 06/10/2013

Control Center is available no matter where you are. For instance, you can swipe it up from Safari if you need to quickly do something. Even from the lock screen.

14.38 06/10/2013

AirDrop is part of iOS7

14.37 06/10/2013

The tabs look completely revamped. You can see them all in one screen on your iPhone.

14.37 06/10/2013


14.35 06/10/2013

Safari Mobile: fullscreen, pulldown to get a “smart search” field. One-tap access to all of your favorites. Parental controls. iCloud keychain integration (same as Mavericks)

14.35 06/10/2013


14.33 06/10/2013

iOS 7 notices app usage patterns to update as you need them. For instance, if you check Facebook often, it updates often. If you check CNN only in the morning, it does things in the morning.

14.33 06/10/2013


14.32 06/10/2013

Multitasking for all apps. Apple says it will retain battery life.

14.32 06/10/2013


14.32 06/10/2013

Control Center: swipe up from bottom of device and get those controls you need quickly and easily (airplane mode, flashlight, etc)

14.32 06/10/2013


14.31 06/10/2013


14.31 06/10/2013

10 new features coming to iOS 7.

14.29 06/10/2013

In Messages, swipe from the Left end of the display. You can check your messages. Multiple pages in folders.

14.29 06/10/2013


14.28 06/10/2013


14.28 06/10/2013


14.27 06/10/2013

Looks like Apple looked at some weather apps that did things right, and incorporated those.

14.27 06/10/2013


14.27 06/10/2013


14.27 06/10/2013


14.26 06/10/2013

GameCenter looks very new “GameCenter, we just completely ran out of green felt…and wood as well.”

14.26 06/10/2013


14.25 06/10/2013

When you move your iPhone, it tracks your motion, and this allows you to view behind your icons.

14.25 06/10/2013


14.24 06/10/2013

“You’re going to absolutely love iOS 7” Tim Cook.

14.23 06/10/2013

As for iOS itself, it definitely looks like it may take some getting used to the new look.

14.23 06/10/2013


14.22 06/10/2013

Multitask pane is very new. It now shows the apps running. That’s a plus.

14.22 06/10/2013

Translucency through some UI items. It looks very, different so far. Whoa, the iPhone has a layered look now. App icons seemingly “float” over the background.

14.22 06/10/2013


14.21 06/10/2013


14.21 06/10/2013

The icons are very, very redesigned. May take some getting used to.

14.21 06/10/2013


14.20 06/10/2013

The fonts are very different. The look is completely different. Screenshots up soon.

14.20 06/10/2013


14.20 06/10/2013

New slider to unlock screen. Things look very different.

14.19 06/10/2013

Here’s Jony Ive.

14.19 06/10/2013

Time for a video.

14.18 06/10/2013

“The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone.”

14.18 06/10/2013


14.18 06/10/2013

iOS 7 officially announced.

14.18 06/10/2013

Installed Base. More iOS 6 (93%) users iOS 5 (6%) users. Meanwhile, Cook says, that many users of Android are still on much older systems. Long story short, iOS users are doing software updates more than Android users.

14.17 06/10/2013


14.16 06/10/2013


14.15 06/10/2013

iOS satisfaction is 97%, says Cook.

14.15 06/10/2013


14.14 06/10/2013

Smartphone usage: iPhone users use their devices 50% more than Android users. Webshare is much higher, 2.5% more. iPad is over 4x more in webshare over other tablets.

14.14 06/10/2013


14.13 06/10/2013

600 Million iOS devices sold.

14.13 06/10/2013


14.12 06/10/2013


14.10 06/10/2013

Keynote stuff. Sorry, more difficulties. Gotta love internet connection problems!

14.07 06/10/2013


14.06 06/10/2013


14.06 06/10/2013


14.06 06/10/2013

Now some iWork talk.

14.05 06/10/2013


14.05 06/10/2013


14.04 06/10/2013


14.04 06/10/2013

iCloud. looks like a new icon.

14.03 06/10/2013

Mac Pro coming later this year. Manufactured in the US.

14.01 06/10/2013


14.01 06/10/2013

Supports 4K displays. Up to 3.

14.01 06/10/2013


14.00 06/10/2013

First Mac to come with dual workstation CPUs.

14.00 06/10/2013

A bunch of specs. It’s fast. Internal storage is based on PCIe flash. 1.25GBps reads 1.0GBps writes. I want to make music on this!

13.59 06/10/2013

Woz is looking at Mac Pro


13.59 06/10/2013

“Can’t innovate anymore–my a$$” Schiller.

13.58 06/10/2013

Whoa. The Mac Pro is a cylinder?

13.57 06/10/2013


Let’s see what it looks like.

13.56 06/10/2013


13.56 06/10/2013

Mac Pro is being updated!

13.56 06/10/2013


“Sneak peak of something we’re working on.”

13.55 06/10/2013


13.55 06/10/2013


13.55 06/10/2013

The MacBook Air now starts with 128GB storage. Ships today.

13.55 06/10/2013


13.54 06/10/2013

Beamforming antenna array. Whatever that is.

13.54 06/10/2013

New Airport Extreme base station. Does 802.11AC.

13.54 06/10/2013


13.53 06/10/2013

802.11ac wifi.

13.53 06/10/2013


13.53 06/10/2013

The MacBook Air has an update. “All-day battery life.”

Let’s see what he means by that.

Has the Haswell processors. “incredible power savings.”

“Smarter low-power states.”

11-inch MacBook Air will now have 9 hours of battery life. Up from 5.

13-goes from 7 to 12-hours. Good thing about Apple’s notebooks is that they are usually accurate with battery life claims.

13.52 06/10/2013


13.52 06/10/2013


13.51 06/10/2013

“Where is the future of the notebook?”

13.51 06/10/2013

Phil Schiller is up. Going to talk about MacBook Air.

13.51 06/10/2013

Developer preview for OS X Mavericks is today. It’s coming to the rest of us this fall. Later than We’d expected.

13.50 06/10/2013

After you take notes and highlights, you can use them as study cards.

13.49 06/10/2013

Man, I wish we had textbooks like this when i was a kid.

13.49 06/10/2013

The new iBooks for Mac should be a hit with college students that have a MacBook and need to take notes.

13.47 06/10/2013

Another knock at the old Calendar look.

13.46 06/10/2013

The 3D map view looks nice. Maybe we’re being shown a nicer part, but they don’t look like melted versions of the real-world locations.

13.45 06/10/2013


13.44 06/10/2013

Maps! Maps is now on Mac. Let’s see. You can send maps to your iOS device. Find something on your Mac, send it over to your iPhone. Easy. Maps added to SDK, so developers can add those functions to their apps.

iBooks is also coming to Mac.

13.44 06/10/2013


13.43 06/10/2013

Calendar now includes locations, travel time and weather.

13.43 06/10/2013


13.43 06/10/2013

Calendar loses the leather. “Absolutely no virtual cows were hurt during the making of this calendar app”

13.42 06/10/2013

You can update apps in the background as well. Nice. I hate doing that stuff.

13.42 06/10/2013


13.42 06/10/2013

Push notifications will also go through to OS X.

13.41 06/10/2013

Reply right inside a notification. You can respond and carry out other basic functions direct through the notification.

13.41 06/10/2013


13.41 06/10/2013

Safari memorizes your CC number. You will have to know your security code, however.

13.40 06/10/2013

Safari can auto-suggest a password for you. It then syncs it across all your systems.

13.40 06/10/2013


13.40 06/10/2013

iCloud keychains. Works across trusted devices.

13.39 06/10/2013

You can scroll straight through the articles in your reading list. You don’t have to click over to new pages and sites on your Reading List.

13.38 06/10/2013

One-click bookmarks. Easy. Adds it to the Reading List.

13.38 06/10/2013

App Nap: “we keep track of what’s going on and what things you actually see” this helps manage power. That looks cool. We saw a very busy Safari window with intensive graphics consuming some CPUI. When it was put in the background, the CPU usage dropped considerably. Very cool.

13.37 06/10/2013

Safari is looking fast. “Smooth scrolling.” Looks like it from here. Still, pretty cool to see.

13.35 06/10/2013

JS benchmark, Safari is said to be faster than Chrome and Firefox. Also, less memory usage than other browsers, says Apple. We shall see. It should be interesting to see how it goes.

13.35 06/10/2013


13.35 06/10/2013


13.34 06/10/2013

Safari lets you scroll through your articles continiously. See shared links. That’s kind of cool. you can see links shared by your friends on social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.

13.33 06/10/2013


13.33 06/10/2013

Now let’s hear about Safari.

13.33 06/10/2013


13.33 06/10/2013

Responsiveness under load. Waking the system is about 1.5x faster, according to Apple’s tests. We shall see.

13.31 06/10/2013

Acceslerated Scrolling, App Nap, Timer Coalescing named as some new features. Interesting. Doesn’t mean much to us right now. 😀

13.31 06/10/2013


13.29 06/10/2013

It’s cool that fullscreen doesn’t affect both screens as it did before if you have a dual display setup.

13.29 06/10/2013


13.28 06/10/2013

Tags will enhance searching. Good. I tend to use Spotlight more than I do finder windows.

13.26 06/10/2013


13.26 06/10/2013


13.26 06/10/2013

Windows can be merged, they all hop into tabs. Pretty cool, but I am actually more interested in the tagging.

13.25 06/10/2013


Also new is Multiple Displays. This will let you use dock and menus on both displays. Panning spaces now happens on each display (no more grey second display.) Sounds cool. Here’s a demo.

13.25 06/10/2013


13.23 06/10/2013

OS X now includes Tagging. You can now tag files: Sports, Home, Finance, etc.

13.23 06/10/2013

OS X Mavericks has Finder Tabs.

13.22 06/10/2013


13.22 06/10/2013

13.22 06/10/2013

“maybe we can take this Lion thing in a different direction.”


“OS X Sea Lion”  joke. Actually, OS X is now … OS X Mavericks. No more kitties?

13.22 06/10/2013


13.21 06/10/2013


13.20 06/10/2013

Time to talk about OS X.

13.20 06/10/2013

Mac Installed base is 72 million.


average growth

13.18 06/10/2013

Anki drive

13.17 06/10/2013

Sorry, folks. Some technical difficulties there.

13.14 06/10/2013

app store 5 years old

13.10 06/10/2013

Apple Retail. 1 million daily visitors.

13.10 06/10/2013

WWDC passes sold out in 71 seconds, for those wanting an exact number. (I believe previously it was stated as “under 2 minutes”)

13.09 06/10/2013

“Welcome to Worldwide Developers Conference– you’re going to have a great week.” Says Cook.

64% attendees are here for the first time.

13.08 06/10/2013

Here’s Tim Cook.

13.08 06/10/2013

Just a highlight video with some cool graphics.

13.07 06/10/2013


13.06 06/10/2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it begins.

13.06 06/10/2013

It’s starting.

13.06 06/10/2013

Things are about to begin? Who’s ready to see iOS 7 and what the next big cat will be?

13.05 06/10/2013


13.01 06/10/2013

let’s play a game: spot the android device in use by WWDC audience member

13.00 06/10/2013

famous guests are abound


12.57 06/10/2013


12.55 06/10/2013

Daft Punk new album is playing in the background!

12.55 06/10/2013


12.52 06/10/2013

Looks like things are about to kick off.

09.37 06/10/2013

Testing. Testing. We will see you in a few hours.

09.35 06/10/2013

14.15 10/23/2012

Here is Apple’s iPad section.

14.13 10/23/2012

And that’s it.

14.10 10/23/2012

Looks like Tim Cook is wrapping it up. He’s recapping the conference and Apple’s year of announcements/releases.

14.09 10/23/2012

iPad mini TV ad.

14.08 10/23/2012

16GB. Wifi starts at 9. Actually about 20 bucks cheaper than I expected.


They are keeping the iPad 2.

iPAd mini and prices


Pre-orders start Friday Oct. 26. Shipments start Nov. 2 for wifi and two weeks later for cellular.

14.05 10/23/2012

The iPad mini with its little SmartCover is actually kind of cute.

14.04 10/23/2012

Mini is getting its own SmartCovers.

14.02 10/23/2012

Here’s the Ive video for the iPad mini.

14.01 10/23/2012

The iPad mini has a dual-core A5 chip.

FaceTime HD camera.

5MP iSight camera.


802.11a/b/g/n wifi

Lightning connector.

10-hours of battery life.

13.59 10/23/2012

Schiller is comparing screens on iPad mini to other devices:

ipad mini compare

13.57 10/23/2012

iPad mini is 35 percent larger than other mini tablets.

13.55 10/23/2012

7.9-inch diagonal. Same pixel count as iPad 2. 1024×768. “All software for iPad works on iPad mini”

13.53 10/23/2012

here it is:

ipad mini

iPad mini


13.51 10/23/2012

4th gen iPad

13.50 10/23/2012


Lightning connector.

13.48 10/23/2012

4th-gen iPad?

13.47 10/23/2012

iPad 3 is the fastest-selling iPad of all time. Fastest selling tablet in the world.

13.46 10/23/2012

Lots of new stuff coming from iBooks author. It’s available today. Free, of course.

13.45 10/23/2012

iBooks Author is getting an update.

13.44 10/23/2012

iBooks text books now in over 2500 classrooms in the US.

13.42 10/23/2012

Lots of iPad talk. Let’s see that iPad mini, Tim.

13.40 10/23/2012

Two weeks ago Apple sold their 100 millionth iPad.

13.39 10/23/2012

Tim is back. Talking about iPad. iPad mini coming?

13.39 10/23/2012

new imac specs

Ships in November.

13.36 10/23/2012

Apple Fusion Drive.


128GB of flash.

1 or 3 TB HDD>

Faster read and write. Fused into single volume. So it’s like one of those hybrid drives.

13.35 10/23/2012

iMac inside new



13.32 10/23/2012

Not everything was leaked, eh?

13.30 10/23/2012

iMac edge is 5 mm thin.

13.30 10/23/2012

Wow. It’s thin


13.28 10/23/2012

Let’s see how the iMac changes.

13.28 10/23/2012


13.27 10/23/2012

Mac Mini

Ships today.

13.26 10/23/2012

Mac mini is up.


Schiller, “You knew there’d be something called mini in this presentation, didn’t you.”

13.24 10/23/2012

MacBook Pro Retina ad incoming.

13.24 10/23/2012

Starts at 99. Ships today.

13.19 10/23/2012


4.096 million pixels. “World’s 2nd highest resolution notebook display,” says Phil. The first is their larger Pro.

13.17 10/23/2012


He mentioned the Retina, then talks about how the 13-inch is their best-selling computer. There it is. I hope I can afford it.

13.16 10/23/2012


Phil Schiller is talking now. He’s on the MacBook Pro Retina. This may be where they announce the 13-inch. Yup.

13.15 10/23/2012

Mac outgrowing PC market for last 6 years straight. Mac being rated number 1 computer in the US. Desktop and notebook categories.

13.14 10/23/2012

New version of iBooks available today.

13.13 10/23/2012

Share quotes and sections of books on Facebook and Twitter. Support for over 40 languages.

13.13 10/23/2012

iBooks 3 (Not named yet, but we’re guessing it’s 3) announced. Continuous scrolling.

13.12 10/23/2012

Now talk of iBooks. 1.5 million books available.

13.10 10/23/2012

70 million photos shared.

13.09 10/23/2012

125 million documents have been saved on the cloud in the last year, says Cook.

iMessage “is the best way to send anyone a message on a Mac, or iPod touch, or iPhone or iPad.” Sometimes it doesn’t work for me, Tim.

300 billion messages sent in iMessage. 28k per second, “maybe even more right now.”

13.07 10/23/2012

200 million devices running iOS 6. People clap. “Fastest upgrade rate in history.”

13.06 10/23/2012


“Seeing this kind of customer response, reminds us of why we like to do it.”

Cook is also talking about the iPod line: nano, touch, etc.

They have already sold over 3 million iPod units (that’s the new line of iPods).

13.04 10/23/2012

Time for another one of those Apple videos. Just a bunch of Apple retail stores. Lots of people waiting in line and lots of iPhones being set up in stores. The employees are totally high-fiving people on their way out. It’s always interesting buying something from an Apple Store. They congratulate you and stuff on your way out. Happened with my friend’s MacBook Air.

13.02 10/23/2012

Tim Cook


Great pic of Cook.

He’s talking about the iPhone 5. Apple sold more than 5 million the first weekend. “Most iPhones ever sold in the opening weekend.” Fastest-selling phone in history.


13.01 10/23/2012

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Cook.

12.49 10/23/2012

Testing. Testing. 🙂

14.43 09/12/2012

that’s it, folks. Now some Foo Fighters.

14.42 09/12/2012

That is just about it for today. Tim Cook is starting to close it up with the Foo Fighters.

14.40 09/12/2012

Looks like it’s almost wrap-up time. Tim Cook is back, and he’s recapping.

14.40 09/12/2012

2GB shuffle: . No change.

16GB nano 9.

4th-gen iPod touch will still be avialable. 16GB for 9.

5th-gen touch 32GB for 9. 64GB for 9


14.37 09/12/2012

They will be included with the new iPhone and iPod touch, as well as on their own.

14.36 09/12/2012

they have three ports. They say it’s to maximize airflow for sound quality.

14.35 09/12/2012

The speaker port now points into your ear canal. Apple scanned hundreds of ears, accoridng to Ive on the video. The were looking for common features or traits.

14.34 09/12/2012

Now a video.

14.34 09/12/2012

Yup. They look just like the pictures.

14.33 09/12/2012

Here are the EarPods.

14.33 09/12/2012


600 million earbuds shipped. that’s over 1.2 billion speakers.

14.33 09/12/2012

ooh, the new earbuds.

14.33 09/12/2012

Now they are talking speakers. Hmm..

14.32 09/12/2012

They didn’t mention pricing?

14.32 09/12/2012

The shuffle is also getting some color updates.

14.32 09/12/2012

somes in Aluminum, black, white, blue, yellow and red.

14.31 09/12/2012

Siri on the iPod touch.

14.31 09/12/2012


(Engadget) It lets you attach a wrist strap. More useful for carrying the device around when snapping photos, if anything. Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11a/b/g/n. 802.11n 2.4gz and 5ghz up to 150 mbps 720p video, face detection, airplay mirroring.

14.29 09/12/2012

8 hours of video. It takes panoramic shots as well. There is abutton on the back called the iPod touch Loop. We heard a bit about this earlier, but no one knew what it was.

14.28 09/12/2012

5MP, backside illuminated, f/2.4, 5-element lens. sapphire crystal lens cover.

14.27 09/12/2012

The camera has been updated.

14.27 09/12/2012

40 hours of music playback.

14.26 09/12/2012

It will be available this holiday season.

14.26 09/12/2012

I think I want to check this game out.

14.25 09/12/2012

They are showing off a game called Clumsy Ninja. Looks kind of cute, actually.

14.23 09/12/2012

7x faster graphics than the last-gen touch.

14.23 09/12/2012


A5 processor in the iPod touch.

14.23 09/12/2012


14.22 09/12/2012

6.1 mm thick. Looks nice from the side, actually. Has the larger screen. 88 grams. Aluminum back.

iPod touch

14.21 09/12/2012

175,000 game and entertainment apps. GameCenter has 150 million players.

14.20 09/12/2012

Now the iPod touch.

14.20 09/12/2012

30 hours of music playback. No app support.

14.19 09/12/2012

Fm tuner, allows for pausing and rewinding. Widescreen video. 2.5-inch screen. Bluetooth!

14.18 09/12/2012

Comes in aluminum, black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red.

14.18 09/12/2012


It has a larger display. (Engadget)

iPod nano

Ir’a 38 percent  thinner. Multi-touch screen. It almost looks like a very small iPod touch. It has a home button.

14.16 09/12/2012

Nano talk. Let’s see what it looks like now.

14.16 09/12/2012

Greg Jowsick talking iPod.

14.15 09/12/2012

350 million iPods sold.

14.15 09/12/2012

The new iTunes will be available in October.

14.14 09/12/2012

Here’s Eddy Cue again.

14.13 09/12/2012

This is nice for movies. You can continue a movie you own thanks to the iCloud integration. For instance, if it’s on your Mac and you watch 30 minutes of a film, you can continue it later on another device (so long as you have a connection, and the movie is on your device)

14.12 09/12/2012

iCloud integration.

14.11 09/12/2012

Miniplayer has been updated. It has a search, and shows album art. Tiny, tiny album art.

14.10 09/12/2012

“Coming next” button and “Play Next” button add two features we’ve wanted for a while. The ability to queue up songs on the fly.

14.10 09/12/2012

Playlist options are being updated. For instance, clicking and dragging on a song brings up all your current playlists. This is so that you can easily add it to one of them if you’d like.

14.09 09/12/2012

Good news is that you can still view iTunes in the regular format, which just lists the songs.

14.08 09/12/2012

Looks like it may take a bit of getting used to…

14.07 09/12/2012

The new iTunes looks like a grid layout.

14.07 09/12/2012

Looks like its gonna be 1.5 hr event.

14.07 09/12/2012

Cue says teh new iTunes is “dramatically simpler”

14.06 09/12/2012

The iTunes store is getting a makeover on mobile devices. You can preview songs while browsing. These updates are part of iOS 6.

14.04 09/12/2012

435 million iTunes accounts. iTunes is available in 63 countries

14.03 09/12/2012

28 million songs on iTunes. 20 billin songs purchased since it’s launch 9 years ago.

14.03 09/12/2012

Eddy Cue up to talk iTunes.

14.03 09/12/2012

“exciting changes with both iPod and iTunes”

14.02 09/12/2012

Available in 100 countries on 240 carriers, this is huge rollout.

14.02 09/12/2012


Time to talk about Music, says Cook. Here comes the iPod and iTunes stuff.

14.01 09/12/2012

US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, JApan, Hong Kong and Singapore with 20 more countries next month.

iOS 6 is coming on Sept. 19th.

14.01 09/12/2012


14.01 09/12/2012

Pre-orders begin on Friday the 14th. Ships Sept. 21.

14.00 09/12/2012


As expected, the iPhone 5 will run you 9 for the 16GB. The 32 will set you back 9. 64GB will cost you 9. The iPhone 4S is now . iPhone 4 is free with a contract. Expected.

14.00 09/12/2012


14.00 09/12/2012

Thanks god, new iPhone will not have glass back

13.59 09/12/2012


Phil is back and the video is over.

13.59 09/12/2012

Mostly just recap and talk of the design process in the Jony Ive video. Those should be up on Apple’s website soon enough.

13.55 09/12/2012

Some serious component packing inside iPhone 5


13.55 09/12/2012


The battery is huge. Good news there. That’s how they keep it going for so long.

13.54 09/12/2012

It’s a good deal thinner than the iPhone 4S when compared side-by-side

13.53 09/12/2012

Looks like they are going to show a video. There’s Jony Ive SVP of design at Apple on the big screen.

13.52 09/12/2012

They have aluminum backplates. White is raw, the black iPhone is black anodized.

13.51 09/12/2012

iPhone 5 will come in black and white.

13.51 09/12/2012

Welcome back, Mr. Schiller. Scott is off.

13.51 09/12/2012

Send an SMS or iMessage if you can’t take a call. FaceTime over cellular, but no carriers named.

13.50 09/12/2012


You can make dinner reservations, which jump into the Open Table app, etc.

13.49 09/12/2012

You can ask about “good movies in theaters” and Siri responds, “that’s a subjective question” and brings up some Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

13.49 09/12/2012

Siri can give you sports scores; she can recommend movies, and more.

13.48 09/12/2012


13.48 09/12/2012

Shared Photostreams. You can subscribe to someone else’s Photostream.

13.47 09/12/2012

If you’re at the airport, your ticket will show up at the lockscreen. So convenient.

13.47 09/12/2012

“Now i’d like to show you Passbook. Here I have a movie ticket, a boarding pass, a card from Starbucks.”

Basically, this is where you can store virtual boarding passes and tickets. Like having a wallet.

13.47 09/12/2012

Being iOS 6 beta for a past few months this iOS6 update is borring

13.46 09/12/2012

Passbook time.

13.46 09/12/2012

In Mail, people can be marked as VIP. This will send their emails to a separate inbox.

13.45 09/12/2012

Safari now looks more like the desktop version with a full-screen view. You can use iCloud tabs to see what tabs are open on your other linked devices.


13.43 09/12/2012

3D maps. Satellite imagery is wrapped around 3D models of the city.

13.42 09/12/2012

Finally. Real navigation.

13.41 09/12/2012

Maps now has a search engine with local points of interest. Yelp data is used for info on locations (restaurants, hotels, etc.)

13.41 09/12/2012


13.40 09/12/2012


He’s showing off iOS 6 on the iPhone 5.

13.40 09/12/2012


Scott Forstall now on stage.

13.39 09/12/2012

On to iOS 6.

13.39 09/12/2012


Accessory makers are already working on new accessories.

13.39 09/12/2012


There will be accessories for the older docks.

13.39 09/12/2012

all-digital. 8-pins. Adaptive interface. Reversable. 80 percent smaller.

13.39 09/12/2012

Latest rumor on new connector name was correct again.


13.38 09/12/2012

This is what it looks like:


13.38 09/12/2012


Lightning is the name of the new connector.

13.37 09/12/2012


Now onto the dock connector.

13.37 09/12/2012

Front, bottom and back. This is for voice recognition and noise cancellation, says shiller. Speaker has a 5-magnet transducer. Should make for better audio.

13.36 09/12/2012


13.36 09/12/2012

three microphones confirmed.

13.35 09/12/2012

1080p HD video capture, improved video stabilization, face detection, take photos while recording (that’s kind of neat). Front facing camera is now 720p backside illuminated. Also has face detection. FaceTime HD calls.

13.34 09/12/2012

Should be good, even if you don’t have the steadiest of hands.

13.34 09/12/2012

Panorama picture on new iPhone can be as large as 28 megapixels,  I am definitely gonna get 64GB model

13.33 09/12/2012


A panoramic image is 28mp. Dang.

13.33 09/12/2012

The iPhone 5 now takes panoramic shots.

13.33 09/12/2012

Sounds like the iPhone 5 will take nice photos. Let’s hope Apple updates the site with those untoched, uncompressed photos for viewing later.

13.32 09/12/2012

schiller says photo capture is 40 percent faster.

13.31 09/12/2012

Next-gen ISP, Spetial noise reduction, smart filter, better low-light performance (always a plus), faster photo capture (nice!)

13.31 09/12/2012

Now about the iPhone.


Battery life is better than the iPhone 4S. 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk time or browsing. 10 hours of wifi. 8MP camera. 3264×2448. Backside illumination, hybrid IR filter. Five-element lens. f/2.5 aperture. Dynamic Low light mode, precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal.

13.30 09/12/2012


13.29 09/12/2012


13.29 09/12/2012

Real Racing 3 is looking pretty sweet. Nice graphics and.

13.28 09/12/2012

I like to hear more about phone durability since its all glass again

13.26 09/12/2012

Rob is showing off Real Racing 3.

13.25 09/12/2012

Sorry, that’s Rob. Typo.

13.25 09/12/2012


13.25 09/12/2012

Rub Murray of EA Studios is up.

13.25 09/12/2012


13.25 09/12/2012

Looks like this thing will blow past the iPhone 4S.

13.24 09/12/2012

22 percent smaller processor. Means its more energy efficient.

13.24 09/12/2012

A6 chip in the iPhone 5.  2x faster CPU. 2x faster graphics.

13.24 09/12/2012

802.11a/b/g/n. Dual-channel, up to 150Mbps.

13.23 09/12/2012

“So ultrafast doesn’t stop at LTE”

13.23 09/12/2012

USA: Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon will support LTE.


13.23 09/12/2012

LTE Speed compared (image credit The Verge)


13.22 09/12/2012

Dynamic antenna. Can automatically switch antenna connections like the 4S  did.

13.22 09/12/2012

Apple at it again with new buzz terminology like Ultrafast Wireless = HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, LTE.

13.22 09/12/2012


13.21 09/12/2012

44 percent more color saturation. Integrated touch. “Ultrafast Wireless” Looks like we are going to talk 4G

13.20 09/12/2012

Widescreen video. Nice for movies, eh?

Apps that aren’t yet optimized will be centered with black bars on the top and bottom of the device (or sides, depending on how you’re holding it)

13.20 09/12/2012

Five rows of apps. All software has been updated. 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s made to fit well in the hand, says Schiller.


iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand

13.19 09/12/2012

Apps will have to be updated to take advantage of the new bigger screen

13.17 09/12/2012

So far all the leaked information and rumors are right on the money

13.16 09/12/2012

Yup. 4-inch screen confirmed.

13.15 09/12/2012

Thinnest. Lightest yet. 112grams 20 percent lighter. 7.6mm thick. (18 percent thinner)

13.15 09/12/2012


13.15 09/12/2012

yup it’s the iPhone 5. (images fro Engadget)

iPhone 5


13.14 09/12/2012

iPhone 5


13.13 09/12/2012

Schiller is talking iPhone. Going thru previous generations of the handset.

13.13 09/12/2012

SVP of worldwide marketing is on stage, Phil Schiller.

13.12 09/12/2012

“Now today wer’e taking it to the next level. Making a huge leap.”

“Exciting news about the iPhone” says Cook.

13.12 09/12/2012

90 percent of those apps are downloaded every month. That’s a lot of downloads. High rate of use, too. Also, the average person usees over 100 apps.


400 million iOS devices sold thru June.

13.11 09/12/2012

Common Tim, time to jump into iPhone 5

13.11 09/12/2012

250,000 are for the iPad.

13.10 09/12/2012

700,000 iOS apps available.

13.10 09/12/2012


“Almost all of the Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPad, and they’re investing in custom apps” that’s 94 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

13.09 09/12/2012

Tablet web traffic share for the iPad? 91 percent. Other tablets are at 9 percent.

13.08 09/12/2012

Tim Cook is happy. He is talking about rival tablets, and says that the iPad has a 62 percent marketshare over other tablets (38 percent)

13.08 09/12/2012

Tim Cooks is talking about iPad.  I am married to my iPad, the most used device in my house.

13.07 09/12/2012


Now it’s iPad talk. He’s going over iPad 3 reviews and saying that 17 million iPads were sold in the April-June quarter.

13.07 09/12/2012

The Mac has been outpacing the PC for 6 years, says Cook. 15% year over year growth. While PC grew 2%.

13.06 09/12/2012

Apple’s notebooks now rank #1 in US market share, with 27 percent of the market for laptops.

13.05 09/12/2012


Tim is talking about the Mac. 7 million people upgraded to Mountain Lion. It’s the fastest-selling version of OS X yet, he says.

13.05 09/12/2012

12 countries. 13 coming on Friday (a store in Sweden). 83 million visitors in the last quarter (April-June).

13.04 09/12/2012

Tim cooks says Apple has 380 retail stores.

13.04 09/12/2012

Lots of happy people in the highlight video.

13.03 09/12/2012

Image credit The Verge


13.02 09/12/2012

Cook is talking about Apple retail stores and showing off a video. Lots of happy Apple Store shoppers.

13.02 09/12/2012

Here’s the Apple CEO on stage  (Engadget):

He’s welcoming everybody and giving us the usual round of Apple updates.

13.01 09/12/2012

image credit ArsTechnica


13.00 09/12/2012

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Cook.

12.59 09/12/2012

It seems like it’s definitely going to be called the iPhone 5. Link

12.59 09/12/2012

While we wait:

Dan Lyons is using car analogy for iPhone and saying that it turned from BMW into Toyota, at the same time he forgets that old used iPhone still commands “BMW prices”

12.58 09/12/2012

Get caught up on iPhone rumors here.

12.57 09/12/2012

Things are just about ready to kick off. Should be a fun bunch of announcements.

12.52 09/12/2012

Byte has  a video of the streets outside the Yerba Buena Center.

12.41 09/12/2012

Feel free to post your thoughts in comments.  Keep in mind that all comments are moderated, so they will show after approval.

12.36 09/12/2012

If you are wondering todays event will focus on iPhone 5 and eco-system (iOS6, iTunes 11).  We are not expecting any other announcements like: Apple TV, iPad Mini.

10.09 09/12/2012

Testing Testing.

And all is good. 🙂 Thanks, folks. See you soon!

Looks like we have a few readers. 🙂 We should be starting in a bit.

14.56 06/11/2012

developers can get their hands on the iOS 6 beta starting today. Good news for them. Maybe they will reveal some stuff.

14.51 06/11/2012

Coming this fall, as expected

14.51 06/11/2012

Tim Cook is back. Wow, it will work with the iPHone 3GS?

14.49 06/11/2012

The 3D maps feature looks sweet. All maps are also vector-based, so this makes them nice and smooth for zooming in and out.

14.46 06/11/2012

Nice stuff from this Maps app. Turn by turn is great. Siri integration rocks. Siri gives the directions. We all love her voice.

14.43 06/11/2012

Looks like 3D maps in a feature called Flyover.

14.41 06/11/2012

via Gizmodo – Apple’s done all the cartography themselves. “This is a world-wide effort.” Showing off Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, your house.


Also, Maps are integrated with Yelp and a traffic service to help you spot potential traffic problems. Turn by Turn Naviagation finally makes it to iOS.

14.40 06/11/2012

Now they are talking about the new Maps app.

14.37 06/11/2012

Passbook. Looks like a place for your movie tickets, airline tickets, etc. Location based. Has location features, so when you are near the area where you need your ticket, it pops up on your lock screen automatically.


14.35 06/11/2012

Pull to refresh messages in email app. Nice.

14.32 06/11/2012

Smart App Banners, Photo Stream for iOS 6 now has shared photo streams. This was talked about a while back by the WSJ.

14.30 06/11/2012

More Safari talk. Looks like some updates to Safari Mobile.

14.29 06/11/2012

FaceTime now works over cellular. Nice addition. This has been something we’ve wanted for a long time.

14.28 06/11/2012

There is a feature that lets you reply to calls with Messages. There is also a “Do Not Bother” feature, that doesn’t send you any notifications or texts until it’s turned off. This means you will be notified of calls, etc later. You can also specify people you don’t mind hearing from.

14.25 06/11/2012

Facebook events and birthdays will show up on your Calendar as well, thanks to the integration.

14.25 06/11/2012


Sign into your Facebook account through your device, and you quickly have integration across your apps.

14.23 06/11/2012

Facebook is now built into iOS 6.

14.22 06/11/2012

Siri can launch apps now, too.

14.21 06/11/2012

Siri is going to be integrated into cars.

14.18 06/11/2012

Siri also does more with restaurant finding and all that great stuff.

14.15 06/11/2012



iOS 6 is getting some major Siri enhancements. There are 200 new features coming to iOS 6. You can ask her the score of a game, and she will tell you.=

14.12 06/11/2012


Talking about iOS 5 install base, and how many folks use their mobile OS.

14.10 06/11/2012

Now it’s time for some iOS news.

14.10 06/11/2012

Wow 20 bucks for Mountain Lion. Upgrades are free to those who buy today.

14.09 06/11/2012

Doesn’t look like they announced a release date.

14.07 06/11/2012

OOOH! Search in Launchpad. This is good. Offline reading list for Safari.

14.06 06/11/2012

GameCenter demo.

14.04 06/11/2012

GameCenter coming to OS X.

14.03 06/11/2012

AirPlay Mirroring in OS X. No third-party applications needed.

14.02 06/11/2012


PowerNap is a new feature in OS X that lets your computer work for you when you’re not there. Sounds like background updates and backups.

14.01 06/11/2012

Twitter is going to be built directly into sharing. This means you can share all of those with your friends via twitter, quickly and easily. This includes Photobooth stuff, webpage links, and anything else with that share button.

13.58 06/11/2012


This is cool: the new Safari. It’s supposed to be fast. But the cool thing is the iCloud Tabs. This shows whatever pages you have open on other devices. Nice!

13.57 06/11/2012

It also adds the Share toolbar. This is similar to the sharing in iOS. You use the arrow button to share just like you do on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

13.54 06/11/2012

Seems that the new notifications look like Growl. Dictation is also coming to the Mac.

13.52 06/11/2012

They are showing off Reminders, Notes and Messages. Preview can show PDFs that are stored in iCloud. Notification Center, which is much like what’s on iOS. Banners and alerts for OS X.

13.49 06/11/2012

Mountain Lion has some new apps: Messags, Reminders and Notes. These were mentioned back when it was quietly announced earlier this year. Documents are all synced through iCloud.

13.47 06/11/2012

Now they are talking Mountain Lion. Let’s see what’s new…

13.44 06/11/2012

It starts at 99.

13.42 06/11/2012

via MacWorld – “They spaced the fan blades asymmetrically so that the fan noise is not a uniform sound, but more dispersed.” Now that’s thoughtful engineering”

13.41 06/11/2012

The display is built into the unibody lid. There is no separate glass cover, says MacWorld.

13.39 06/11/2012

Everyone is saying it’s going to be expensive. It’s hard not to agree—sounds like a beast.

13.38 06/11/2012

Jony Ive talking about the new MacBook Pro. He’s awesome. Just saying.

13.37 06/11/2012


The keyboard is Backlit. 802.11n wifi. Bluetooth 4.0. FaceTime HD dual microphones.

13.36 06/11/2012

MagSafe 2 connector on this one. It’s thinner.

13.36 06/11/2012

Quad-core i5 and i7 inside. up to 768GB flash storage. GeForce GT 650M graphics. 7-hour battery life. Damn.

13.35 06/11/2012

MacBook Pro thin

here is an image from GDGT. It’s thin. Schiller says the battery is bigger than his hand. Why does he keep comparing the laptop components to his body parts?

13.33 06/11/2012


Image from Wired.

13.31 06/11/2012

iMovie, Safari, iPhoto and Aperture are all updated for the new display. It will ship with Lion. So maybe it will come a bit later.

13.30 06/11/2012

It’s 220 ppi.

13.30 06/11/2012

sorry, that’s the 15-inch

13.29 06/11/2012

wow – 2880 x 1880

13.29 06/11/2012

It’s .71 inches thick. 25 percent thinner than the current model. Weighs less than 4.5 pounds and has a Retina display.

13.28 06/11/2012

They’re showing it off. Phil Schiller says it’s thinner than his finger. I’ve never seen his finger, so I have no idea what it looks like yet.

13.26 06/11/2012

I’m excited.

13.26 06/11/2012


Looks like the new MacBook Pro is going to be thinner and lighter.

13.26 06/11/2012

via Gizmodo – -Correction: 15-inch pricing runs 00 and 00 for different spec models.

13.23 06/11/2012

MacBook Pro – USB 3.0. No Thunderbolt port. GeForce GT 650M graphics. The laptop will be available in 13- and 15-inch. 00 and 00.

13.22 06/11/2012

Prices will remain the same. Starts at 9. No Retina screen. Sorry.

13.21 06/11/2012

This baby starts shipping today. Nice!

13.21 06/11/2012

720p camera. FaceTime HD.

13.20 06/11/2012

Up to 512 flash storage. USB 3.0. No mention of Thunderbolt. O well, not as if I have anything that runs on that, anyway. Still may be a  bummer for some. Though those folks would likely opt for a Pro.

13.20 06/11/2012

There you go. Ivy Brige MacBook Air. 2.0GHz dual-core i7. Up to 8GB memory 1600MHz memory. 60 percent faster. OMG I want! (I love my 2010 Air)

13.17 06/11/2012

Apple is placing much focus on how their apps help people and change lives.

13.16 06/11/2012

Cook is back on stage. Let’s see what he has to say. 😀

13.12 06/11/2012

Nothing but a highlight video so far–just showing off some of the many apps available on the App Store.

13.09 06/11/2012

Now a video showing people using iOS devices and Apps.

13.06 06/11/2012

30 billion apps have been downloaded. More than 5 billion paid out to developers. 32 new countries are getting the App Store. That’s a total of 155 countries.

13.06 06/11/2012

650k apps on the app store. 225k of those are made specifically for the iPad. Cook says the competition has “a few hundred”

13.05 06/11/2012

“this is the store with the largest number of accounts with credit cards anywhere on the internet that we’re aware of.”

13.05 06/11/2012

“The size and momentum are just phenomenal. We now have over 400 million accounts on the App Store.

13.04 06/11/2012

Attendies from over 60 counties, sold out in 1 hour and 43 minutes. 112 sessions, 125 labs. Now some App Store updates.

13.03 06/11/2012

“This is our 23rd WWDC. Yes, it’s older than many of you are.” – Tim Cook

13.03 06/11/2012

Tim Cook is now on stage.

13.02 06/11/2012

Siri is welcoming everyone to WWDC.  Telling some jokes.

13.00 06/11/2012


Looks like they’re about to kick things off.

12.56 06/11/2012

Less than five minutes until the keynote.

12.51 06/11/2012

We’re sure to hear some iOS 6 stuff, maybe a Mountain Lion release date and hopefully Apple will announce some cool new stuff in the way of hardware. We’re totally curious of what that rumored Retina MacBook Pro will look like.

12.48 06/11/2012

Things should kick off in about 10 minutes or so.

12.36 06/11/2012

It’s said that the CEOs of Intel and Yelp are also at the event.

12.33 06/11/2012

Looks like everyone is sitting down for the presentation.

12.30 06/11/2012

Keep in mind that you can leave comments below. Feel free to do so. 🙂

12.30 06/11/2012

Apple is updating their online store:

12.28 06/11/2012

As for iOS 6 and what we can expect from that:

12.25 06/11/2012

Hello, hello. The keynote should be starting in about half an hour.

Here is a link that may help you get caught up:

10.13 06/11/2012

When our live blog begins, new entries will show up right above this one.

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