ASpotter’s Interesting Accessories for the Week of June 16, 2013


Our friends at ASpotter (Accessory Spotter) have found yet another bunch of interesting iOS device accessories. They are pretty different this time. Rather than regular cases or accessories, we have things like iPhone smelling technology and a case that basically hides your iPhone away from you so you can’t be tempted to check messages every few minutes.

Blokket iPhone Case


Tuck away your iPhone so you can forget about it for a while. Perfect for a dinner date with the family. No distractions. No Facebook. No Twitter. No texting or email. Link


This Weird Smelly Thing


Yes. Somewhere out there, someone thought that this was necessary. It’s an attachment for the iPhone that lets you smell scents. There are various smells, but only one comes to mind, and it’s not pleasant. Link


Expensive iPhone Modification


This thing is barely recognizable as an iPhone at this point. Someone modified an iPhone 5 and made it look like some fancy crock skin and gold purse that some old rich lady would carry around. Link


iPhone Dock for iMac


Have an iMac or Apple Display? Have an iPhone 5? This will work for you. Just prop this dock up on the foot of the Apple Display or iMac, and you can charge it. (It’s plugged in somewhere, discreetly. Unless it’s magically charging with some super technology we don’t know about.) Link

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