Flat iOS 7 Icon Designs Re-imagined

flatter iOS design

Some folks out there weren’t fans of the new look of iOS. Someone out there has already redesigned the icons to their liking. They are better than some of the icons we’ve seen in the past, but they definitely need names under them. The only real problem with them is that they are maybe too simple. That’s not an insult.

If you look at the image, especially the one without the app names under it, some of the icons are hard to understand. They are so simple that you can’t really tell what they are supposed to be. That doesn’t apply for all of them. Music, Messages, App Store, iTunes Store, those are all very easy to spot. Videos is a bit more difficult to understand (it’s supposed to be a filmstrip) and Passbook (a ticket) doesn’t immediately look like a ticket. The Weather app could possibly benefit from some clouds or rain in the icon. Maybe.

Still, it’s a cool effort, and this guy did more than I’d ever be willing to do. You can check out the design here.

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