Here’s the ‘Designed by Apple in California’ Ad Everyone Seems to Dislike so Much

This ad is called ‘Designed by Apple in California.’ It’s a video of people using their Apple devices to do everyday things. It isn’t a bad commercial by regular standards. It’s not particularly good, either. It’s just a TV spot. However, it’s getting some attention for not doing anything really special.

Most Apple TV spots focus on a certain product by Apple, or even one aspect of that product. However, this one just shows Apple’s entire line of popular products and devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, MacBooks, etc. This doesn’t seem to be scoring too well with viewers. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t focus on just one product, which is what many are used to, and tends to excite some of those folks who want an iPad or an iPhone.

When an iPad mini TV spot comes on, it’s easy for someone to say, “That’s what I want for my birthday!” That’s not so much the case with this ad. We have nothing against it, but that’s the only thing that comes to mind as particularly different about it.

[via AppleInsider]

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