How to Enable LED Flash Ring

LED flash ring

A few days ago I was at the bar with some friends. The music was loud, and I saw a guy’s iPhone LED light flashing. He walked out to answer it. All these years writing about iPhones, and I’d completely overlooked this feature. The iPhone can be set to flash for notifications for those who are hearing-impaired, or those who may want to carry their handset around in a loud area where they may not be able to hear it, or feel it vibrate immediately.

It’s quite easy to set this: Settings>General>Accessibility>LED Flash for Alerts>On

That’s it. Now, if you place your iPhone facedown on the bar or table in a loud place, you will know that someone is calling you or messaging you thanks to the LED flash.

Just know that it does feel quite bright, but that’s how it get your attention.

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