How to Revert from iOS 7 Beta to iOS 6


Okay, maybe you tried iOS 7, which we posted instructions for installing. Now, maybe it didn’t work like you’d hoped. It’s a beta, after all. We did warn you. Well, if you want to uninstall it, you will have to take a few, simple steps. Don’t worry. It’s not much harder than installing firmware in DFU mode, a process long-time jailbreakers will be very familiar with. We have instructions below.

Note: We tried this out, and it worked for us. Again, try any of this at your own risk.

1) First, you will have to download the latest iOS 6 firmware for your device. That’s available direct through Apple. Just download it through iTunes with the “Download Only” rather than “Download and install” option.

2)  You will now have to put your iPhone in DFU mode. Here’s how to do that (click the link and scroll down to the video. Follow it exactly. It may take a couple of tries to get the timing just right.).

3) You will see a message that tells you that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Say OK. Now, hold down option or shift (Windows) and hit “Restore.”

4) Direct your computer to the firmware file you need to install on your device.

5) Confirm the restore, and wait a little while as iTunes reinstalls iOS 6.

There you go. You’re done. Now, try to wait until a more stable release of iOS 7.

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