iOS 7 and new OS X Banners Up at Moscone

iOS 7 banner

We’re pretty sure you already knew this if you follow Apple news, but in case you didn’t, Moscone West already has plenty of banners going up for Apple’s new operating systems. One is a ‘7’ hinting at iOS 7, and another is a ‘X’, which is obviously OS X. We will surely see it all next week at WWDC.

There are sure to be more banners, but those pretty much tell us what we already knew: Apple is working on a new mobile OS and a new desktop OS, and we will see them both next week. We will also likely see a release date. If I had to guess, I’d say next month for OS X and October or November for iOS 7.

If anything, this just makes us more sure that it’s coming, and it possibly hints at a new look for the upcoming software.

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