iOS 7 Beta 2 Now Available, Adds iPad Support

iOS 7 iPad


(Image Credit: GigaOm)

Apple has released the latest build of iOS 7 beta. The update includes the usual stuff: some squashed bugs, stability fixes, minor visual changes and probably a few other tweaks that will go mostly overlooked.

Most notable for the updates is that iOS 7 Beta 2 works for certain iPad models. At WWDC, we heard that Apple would release iOS 7 Beta for iPad in the near future. The folks over in Cupertino made good on that, and delivered it today.

iOS 7 works on every iPad with the exception of the first-generation model.

Registered developers can simply go over to the Apple Developer Portal and download the latest build. It should be interesting to see how things are working on the iPad version of iOS 7.

[via GigaOm]

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