iOS 7 Detects Blinking and Smiling in Photos

iPhone 5 camera

iOS 7 now allows developers to detect blinking and smiling in photos. This could mean interesting new things for the iPhone. For instance, imagine shooting a photo and someone blinks, but you don’t immediately notice it. iOS 7 may give you a heads-up.

It’s a cool feature, because nobody likes to be in pictures with their eyes closed. I have a few friends who are just great at taking bad photos. You know the type. They kind of shoot when you’re not expecting it, and they always get you from a bad angle, or with your mouth open because you were in the middle of speaking. It happens too much. Unfortunately, those friends will never become better photographers (Hey, Mom!), so you just have to accept it.

Let’s hope that apps like this one can actually help my mom be better at taking flattering photos. I love her, but she needs to learn how to say, “Turn slightly — you look fat from that angle,” and stuff like that. I’d like her pictures a lot better.

[via 9to5Mac]

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