iOS 7 Overview: What’s New in iOS 7?


Apple today introduced iOS 7. It’s a totally new version of iOS. It’s not a minor update by any means. It looks completely different. We learned about it at today’s WWDC keynote.




1) All-new look. The latest version of iOS looks completely different. Take a look:



GameCenter and Photos are the most notable change through the interface. Safari and settings look very different, too. All the apps have been updated, but those stand out as very different.


2) Parallax effect in Home Screen


The Home Screen will have a new parallax effect. This gives the iOS an appearance of depth, and covers less of your wallpaper. Read about parallax here.


3) Farewell to the Flashlight App

Apple is bringing a Flashlight app to iOS. This means that those apps on the App Store will no longer be needed. It was bound to happen, but it sure took a while.


4) Control Center


Control Center is a quick, upward swipe away. It gives you the option to swipe quickly to bring up simple controls, such as AirPlane Mode, volume, iTunes, and others.


5) AirDrop


AirDrop is much like the AirDrop on Mac. You can easily share files, and we heard, “there is no need to go around bumping each phones.” Ouch.



6) iTunes Radio


iTunes Radio is a streaming service. iOS and Mac users can stream music to their devices as they would with Pandora. It’s ad-supported, but iTunes Match subscribers get no ads. It’s also possible to buy songs directly from iTunes.


7) Safari goes full-screen

A minor Safari Mobile update, aside from some new looks: It goes full-screen. It just gives you more reading and browsing space. Tabs are also fixed, you don’t have to swap through pages. You can look at them a stack and see multiple Safari pages at once.


8) Camera gets some updates


The camera has a cool update in which its functions are all reached with a swipe. You don’t have to go through menu items for panoramic shots and others. You swipe: Panorama, square, video and the standard camera function. Also new is the Photos app. It has a new look and adds a feature that organizes by location. No more long stream of random photos. Date and location are taken into consideration, and iOS automatically sorts them.


9) Translucent effects


Keyboards and overlays are translucent. This helps give context, says Apple. This way, you can somewhat see what’s in the background, or going on behind the keyboard or menu item. You can see it above. The icons are barely visible in the background, but it’s enough to know what they are.


10) New look for GameCenter and Calendar


These have been changed completely. Lost is the leather look, and the green felt stuff of past versions. It’s all much more unified, but it may be an acquired taste for some.


11) New Multitasker

The Multitask function is totally revamped. It looks familiar, but you can now see the apps that are running in the background as they run. It doesn’t look like they are actually running in real time, but you can see the app where you last left it rather than having to re-launch it.


Coming “This Fall”

This was expected. iOS 7 is launching this fall. That’s on schedule. OS X, however, seems a bit late. It normally hits around the summer these days. Not anymore. It’s a fall release.



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