iOS 7: The Concepts and Possible Leaks We Hope We Never See

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Apple is scheduled to announce iOS 7 next week. We’re sure that nobody outside of Apple knows what it looks like. Now everyone is creating concepts for iOS, and we don’t even know at this point what it will look like, or how bad or good it will be. We just know that Jony Ive has a big part in it. Of course this means that several artists have already tried their hand in concepts for the next version of iOS. Some look okay. However, some are just…well, let’s just hope they don’t happen.

Here are a few iOS 7 concepts (and a supposed leak) we hope not to see. Ever.


1) The award for the concept we truly hope not to see


It goes to this weird, Windows Metro look. It’s not pretty. It probably won’t happen. Regardless, we really, really hope if doesn’t. Nothing against Windows metro. It looks okay from what I’ve seen, but this design is just ugly.


2) Not really ugly, but a bit boxy.

The icons aren’t ugly, but the edges are a bit hard. The apps themselves look kind of weird. It actually doesn’t feel at all like iOS if you look at it. We don’t see it happening, and we kind of hope most of it doesn’t. All that said, we have to give them credit for a nice video.


3) Curved Phone

This phone is just begging for a cracked screen. It’s curved outward. Why? We don’t know. It’s not exactly an iOS concept, but it’s fair game since it’s a new iPhone concept.


4) This looks fake, but just in case, we really hope it’s not a leak

supposed iOS leak


This doesn’t look totally convincing. It’s not horribly ugly by any means. It’s just a lot of hype for nothing. It looks just like the iOS we are used to. Of course it’s a bit faded and skewed for some reason. Icons aren’t even lined up with the screen.


What will we see next week?

What will we see next week? Who knows? Apple does. We just have to sit tight and wait. Let’s just hope it doesn’t look like any of these concepts.




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