iOS 7: The New Look and Layout Also Means You Will Have to Override Years of Muscle Memory


iOS 7’s new look may seem odd to some

iOS 7 has a totally new look. That’s cool, but there are also many features that can be found in completely new locations. This means that it will take some getting used to if you want to get back to using iOS the way you did before. Certain features are now in new places, and it will take a bit of adjusting to get back on track with it. Still, those first few days may be somewhat of an annoyance. Still, it all just takes a little bit of getting used to.

What’s Old is New Again

There are a few examples that already come to mind. You are relearning new ways to do things. For instance, when an iSmashPhone editor needed to use the flashlight, he quickly flipped over through his Home Screen and went to his flashlight app. Only later did it occur to him that iOS 7 has a built-in flashlight feature if you just swipe up to Control Center and turn on the light. It’s just one of those things he will have to relearn.

shortcut settings

Features like flashlight, Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb are now within easy reach.

Safari is another perfect example of an update that will take some getting used to. We are accustomed to the search bar being on the far right. This is just something most iPhone users probably don’t even have to think about. We catch ourselves looking over to the space where the search used to be. Now it’s just part of the URL input. It’s definitely more convenient that way, but don’t be surprised if you catch yourself wondering for a second where it is for the first few days. You will get used to it.


Now the search and navigation bar are one.

The Spotlight Search — Totally Different

The Spotlight search is in a totally new place. You must swipe down or up to bring up the search. It feels weird at first, but it will become normal after a while. However, Notification Center is a swipe down, but it is done from the very top edge of the screen while the search is a bit further down from that. In other words, you don’t swipe down or up from the edge to bring up the search.

spotlight search

Spotlight is now a swipe away. No matter where you are. Takes some getting used to, but once you realize it’s within easy reach, it’s convenient.


Folders Now Have Multiple Pages


Folders now have multiple pages. This is cool, but it may be easy to forget it’s available at first. You can add many more apps to your folders, and they have multiple pages. We’re still not sure how often we will use this. It depends on the iPhone owner. Some of us at iSmashPhone use many, many apps. Others tend to delete those unused apps after a while just to get rid of clutter.


Swipe to Unlock

Another major change that’s very welcomed is the swipe to unlock. It used to be that you had to swipe from the bottom of the screen. Now you simply swipe from anywhere. That said, we still find ourselves swiping around the bottom portion of the screen. Again, it’s down to simple muscle memory. We used to do these things without having to think about it. Now we have to realize that some things are different, and that we can swipe from anywhere. It’s not a bad thing, again, it’s just interesting to see how the human mind and body adjust to certain things that become routine, and we later realize that it’s become muscle memory.

lock screen

It’s Time to Readjust

It’s time to get used to some new things in iOS 7. We don’t know how much fun it will be (it won’t), but once it’s normal again, it won’t be an issue at all. In fact, some features are very welcomed.

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