iOS 7: What Are the New Screens?


iOS 7 looks completely different. Visually, it’s a complete overhaul of the iOS we’re used to. Let’s take a look at some of the familiar apps that have been updated for iOS 7.

Take a look below.


1) App Store

App Store


The App Store has a slightly newer look. Actually, the biggest changes are to the menu items. A look at the top and bottom-most portions of the screen shows that right away.




2) Camera

camera square

Here’s a quick snapshot of the keyboard with the camera app. You can see that you simply swipe for other photo or video options.


3) Camera Roll


This is the camera roll with that same photo. We can share, edit and trash, too.



Above is a few of the new camera roll. You won’t see it here, but iOS 7 sorts photos by place. If we take photos in various locations, they will automatically sort by where they were taken.




4) Safari 






safari bottom

Safari has a new look. It’s cleaner, and made up of flatter lines. Some areas are translucent.



5) Safari Loading

safari loading

This is another view of Safari. The page is loading, but you can really get a sense of how much cleaner things are.



6) Dialer






The keypad of the dialer definitely looks different. It may take some getting used to.




7) Email








Here is a look at an email. The options are the same, but the icons have changed considerably.



email inboxswiped

In email, you can also swipe over to see other messages in your inbox.






inbox swipe

Replying works in a similar way. The icons are just very different.



inbox view




You can also see your multiple inboxes.




email keybaord music app

As always, you can check multiple inboxes. Here’s what that menu looks like.





8) Music


The music app has the same functionality. Again, all the icons and menu items are redesigned. It’s cleaner, and flatter.



new message

When writing an email, it looks like this. Note the new keyboard. No gradient. The colors are all flatter, too.



email keybaord


9) The Lockscreen





lock screen

You swipe to unlock. Now, you can swipe from anywhere onscreen.


10) Reminders



Reminders are updated. It no longer looks like a notepad-style checklist.


iOS 7

iOS 7 has a look that’s much more consistent throughout. Some will love it. Some won’t. It will be interesting to see how it all works when we get to use it extensively.

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