iPad 5 Going into Production as Early as July

iPad mini in hand

Pictured above is the iPad mini. However, it’s rumored that the full-sized iPad will feature a thin side bezel proportional to the mini.



The iPad 5 is likely to go into production as early as July or August, according to the site we’ve all learned to rarely trust, Digitimes, which, as always, cites Taiwan-based supply chain makers.

Actually, Digitimes is probably just stating the obvious. We all know that a new iPad is due this year, and most likely in the fall. In other words, Digitimes isn’t really telling us anything we didn’t already know or couldn’t have guessed.

If previous rumors from multiple outlets are accurate, the iPad should have a thinner bezel than previous models. It will look much more like the current mini, only scaled up with a 9.7-inch screen.


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