Limbo Coming to iOS Next Week

Limbo game

Microsoft may not be releasing Xbox games for iOS, but the folks at Playdead are bringing Limbo to the platform. Limbo was originally a downloadable console game, and has made its way to other platforms. iOS will be the latest.

While it was popular with many gamers, it was not a favorite at iSmashPhone due to its trial-and-error gameplay style. There were many instances in which we’d play and the stupid kid would meet his untimely demise by stepping on a bear trap we at first didn’t realize was there. It was often after making a mistake like that once that we’d realize there was a bear trap there. Luckily, the game is forgiving when it comes to respawn points.

That said, our opinion on the game shouldn’t discourage you. Give it a shot. It’s actually received very favorable reviews from most outlets. If anything, the art style is great.

[via TUAW]

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