Recently-published Apple Patent Application Mentions Fingerprint Sensors

fingerprint sensor

With several rumors of future Apple devices getting fingerprint sensors, it’s hard to ignore a patent application for a fingerprint sensor.

It seems to show a method in which Apple could place the sensor into the handset, yet have it protected from outside elements by a protective seal. Most sensors don’t have such a seal. While the fingerprint sensor has been rumored and speculated for the iPhone, it could really work on any Apple device or computer.

The construction of this sensor would allow for users to carry around their iPhone or other device without worrying about damaging the sensor, which is apparently made of very delicate materials.

While we highly doubt this will work its way into the iPhone 5s (though Apple does like to surprise us) it’s very possible that this is in the works for a future device like the iPHone 6.

[via AppleInsider]


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