Report: Apple to Bring AirDrop to iOS

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According to recent reports, Apple is bringing AirDrop to iOS. AirDrop is a wireless file-sharing feature that debuted in OS X 10.7 (Lion). It allows you to send files back and forth between computers over a wifi network.

It’s a useful feature, because it makes these transfers quick and somewhat easier than before. Sure, it was very possible to share files on a network, but this is designed to just work with basic computer knowledge. It also means you don’t have to transfer files by using other methods such as USB drives. That said, Dropbox works just as well, so long as you have it installed on both computers.

If the rumor is accurate, the feature would be part of the iOS share menu. If you have an photo or document, you should be able to hit the ‘Share’ button and send it to another device. The other device as to accept, at least that’s how it works in OS X.

Still, this is a cool feature, and could come in handy for households with multiple iOS devices.

We will find out next week for sure, when Apple debuts iOS 7 at WWDC.

[via 9to5Mac]

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