Rumor: iOS 7 Looks Something Like This

iOS 7 Rumored


The image above is rumored to be an approximation of what iOS 7 will look like based on a beta build. It comes from 9to5Mac. One of the sites writers says he’s already seen it, and that this is more or less what it should look like based on that.

He couldn’t use pictures or images from the actual developer version, because the icons contain watermarks that could get those developers in trouble.

It looks a little flat, but many of the icons still look very much like the iOS we are used to. Still, it’s important not to put too much thought into this, because we don’t know what has changed. We also have no idea how accurate this approximation is. Aside from the app changes, however, is that the signal bars are now gone. Instead, we see little dots indicating a strong or weak signal.

You can check out some more on that here: 9to5Mac.

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