Siri Likes Three-minute Eggs

Siri 3 minute

Siri’s a funny gal. She has a great sense of humor and sometimes seems to almost carry out a conversation with you. Some questions or comments make her say unexpected things. For instance, when exercising and asking Siri to set a three-minute timer. Apparently, she doesn’t think we are working on getting fit. She thinks we’re cooking breakfast.

When asked to set a three minute timer, she says, “Don’t overcook that egg.” Thanks, Siri. I was doing a wall squat–not eating. Jerk. I’m working on the weight thing! Okay?

Either way, we’re guessing it’s a reference to a three-minute egg, which is soft-boiled. Soft-boiled is a bit, well, soft for me, but if you’re interested, we did find a recipe here.

Funny, Siri. Very funny.

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