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Yesterday, we took a bunch of iOS 7 concept videos and images and said they were things we definitely didn’t want to see in the next version of iOS. Now, we should take a look at some of the things we actually do want Apple to do.

Let’s take a look at some things we would like to see in iOS.

1) More Lockscreen options

The Lockscreen has remained pretty much unchanged since the beginning of iOS. They only real difference is that you have those notifications, and can swipe individual ones to check them. However, iOS does not give you the weather or other useful bits of information without having to get past the lock screen.



2) FaceTime group chat



This needs to happen. Even if this is over wifi at first, we’d love to see group video chat over FaceTime. Please, Apple. Let’s see this. FaceTime was a great addition with the iPhone 4, but has remained pretty much unchanged since. Not that everything has to change for the sake of change, but there could be a few additions for fun.



3) FaceTime over cellular for everybody

AT&T was the first carrier with the iPhone. You know what? AT&T can be a real jerk with that data. We still don’t have FaceTime over cellular. However, this isn’t an iOS thing. It’s an AT&T thing. Regardless, it would be a very cool addition.


4) Cool new design

iOS is cool and functional, but it really hasn’t changed much as far as looks. If you look back at OS X, it’s changed considerably over the years, and it continues to feel fresh. That said, OS X still functions the same overall. There are minor changes, but if you know how to use OS X, you know how to use it regardless of version. iOS 6 is still pretty much the same as iPhone OS (the original name). There are new features, but it hasn’t had a visual update, and things that have been annoying for a long time are still annoying.


5) The biggest annoyance of all



Here’s the problem. Autocorrect works well for the most part. At least for me. It does a lot of things right. Often, I do mistype something, and it knows exactly what I meant to do. However, there is one correction that drives me insane. It’s annoying. I hate it. Apple needs to fix it. It always changes “Yo” to “To.” If a friend says “hello,” I often find myself responding with “To.” It’s horribly annoying, and I can’t just fix it for that one word (or a few select words.) I will delete and try again sometimes if I catch it. Guess what? Autocorrect will sometimes try to correct it two or three more times before it realizes, “Oh, wait a sec, this guy wants to say ‘yo’.”  Yo is a word. It’s been in the dictionary for years, and its first known use was in the 15th century. I think it’s time to let it stay.



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