The iPhone 5S Concept None of Us Want

We’ve seen an unbelievable number of iPhone concepts this season. It’s likely because there are rumors of a major redesign for iOS, and we figure some artists feel they may as well design a new iPhone, too. The latest features the long-rumored fingerprint scanner, and a curved-glass display.

While the fingerprint scanner has been part of the iPhone rumor mill for quite some time, thanks to Apple’s acquisition of fingerprint  technology company AuthenTec. Several rumors and sites have pointed to the possibility of an iPhone 5S with a built-in fingerprint scanner, which would possibly increase security on the device, and could mean the end of lockscreen codes. However, you can also argue that Apple doesn’t really redesign hardware much, if at all, for ‘S’ models.

Also on this design is a curved glass display. Unfortunately, it’s curved outward. Rather than being concave like most curved displays, this one is convex, which makes very little sense from a usability perspective. The mouthpiece and earpiece (as well as the proximity sensor) would be curved away from your face while the center of the screen is curved toward it. Setting the phone face-down would directly expose the center of the screen to a surface. Dropping it would surely mean a cracked or shattered screen. It  may not even be comfortable to use for just browsing or reading.

[via iPhone in Canada]

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