This Week’s Interesting Accessories from ASpotter


Here are some of this week’s cool iOS device accessories from our friends at Now that WWDC is over, we can take a better look at their featured accessories. It looks like an interesting mix. Our favorite is the toy gun with an iPhone mount. Really, it exists.

360° Swivel Aluminum Pivot Desk Stand by USBfever

swivlel stand

This swivel stand holds up your iPad and allows you to use it in any orientation. What’s kind of cool is that it matches the overall look of the iMac, too. Link


Magnetic Attaching 2800mAh Power Pack

magenetic case

This is a power pack that latches onto your iPhone magnetically. You use the included case for protection. When your iPhone needs extra juice, you just place on the battery and plug it into the Lightning connector port. Link


Rifle With Mounted iPhone


If your iPhone games aren’t realistic enough, why not attach a toy assault rifle for a more realistic game experience?


Mophie Juicepack Pro Outdoor Edition


Extra battery power, with added durability. Nice for a camping or hiking trip.


AirBus Bag2Go


This is a cool bag. It weighs itself, tells you what you can and can’t pack, and it has GPS tracking so you don’t lose it.


Foil Case


This case is designed to look and feel like real foil. Doesn’t seem that it is, according to the description, but we’d hate to rip it.


Trunk Charger


This charger doubles as a stand for your iPhone. It’s short, but flexible, and sturdy enough to hold your handset upright.

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