Analyst: Apple Begins Production of Low-cost iPhone and iPhone 5S

budget iphone mockup


Here’s a render of the rumored low-cost iPhone. It’s based on internet speculation and leaks.

Peter Misek of Jefferies says that the iPhone 5S will go into mass production this month. We’d hope so. If it’s a yearly release, it has to happen soon.

Misek does add that Apple has started production of the low-cost plastic iPhone as well. His guess is that it will run for about $300 – $400 unsubsidized. His claims go against everything we’ve heard. He says it’s more likely to be a mid-range device, and not a budget device. He says “it will not be competitive in emerging markets.”

As CultofMac points out, Misek is terrible at making predictions. (Sorry, Peter. We’re just being honest.) He’s always predicting the Apple HDTV and getting it wrong, He also predicted the iRing-controlled Apple TV set. Let’s just use common sense here, folks. Apple is working on an iPhone, because the company releases a new one every year. The low-cost model is a rumor at this point, but we’ve been hearing a lot about it. Let’s wait for more evidence before we try to pin a price or market on it.


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