Apple Files iWatch Trademark in Various Countries


We’ve heard several rumors about wearable computing by Apple. The iWatch is a long-rumored device by Apple, but we haven’t anything official yet. This may be the closest thing. Apple has apparently filed trademarks for iWatch in several countries, such as Russia, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and others.

According to the report from MacRumors, it seems that all trademarks are being filed by Apple. It’s listed as the company doing the filing. Nothing is clear yet, but we’ve heard the same pretty much everywhere: it’s a watch, around 100 designers are working on the product and it has a touchscreen. Basically, it should work together with your iPhone and be something of a smartwatch.

If the product is real, it’s likely that Apple will unveil it this year or early next if only because the rumors are getting louder and louder, which means there must be a lot of people involved.

Let’s hope to hear something soon.

[via MacRumors]

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