Apple Investigating Deadly iPhone 5 Accident

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Apple is investigating an accident in which a woman died by electrocution when answering a call on her iPhone 5 while it was plugged in.

It’s a sad story. The woman was 23 years old, and she answered an iPhone 5 that was plugged in at the time. Ma Ailun of China’s western Xinjiang region died when answering her device. Apple says it’s investigating the matter.

It’s not yet clear what exactly happened. Simply that she collapsed and died while answering the phone.

Keep in mind that this seems to be a rare case. We don’t know yet if the iPhone 5 was official. We don’t know if the charger was approved. Furthermore, we don’t know what other factors came into play. Was the charge cable okay? Were there any environmental factors that could have come into play?

[via Reuters]

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