Apple Patent Shows Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor

Apple Fingerprint sensor patent

Apple is always patenting new technology, so it’s no surprise that the company would do something for fingerprint technology. Actually, it already has on a few occasions. This latest one incorporates a fingerprint sensor into a touchscreen.

I think people are getting a little too excited by expecting this tech on the iPhone 5S. Perhaps we will see it in a a later model. To us it seems more like Apple is taking care of things in order to avoid potential patent disputes later.

It’s most likely that Apple is experimenting with ideas and concepts in hopes of designing something that users will like, and will feel completely natural. Of course, to do this, Apple must test many things, and see what works and what’s practical.

Still, it doesn’t seem like any real indication of what we will get with the iPhone 5S.

[via PatentlyApple]

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