Apple Reportedly Working to Add Incentives for iPhone Purchases

Apple Store

Apple is said to be working to give consumers incentives to purchase iPhones in stores.

If accurate, this rumor means that Apple will being trade-in options and price-matching. This is part of a move to fight off the increased competition from Android handsets. However, the reasoning here, says the report, is that Apple wants to give people incentive to buy from Apple’s retail locations. This way, they can check out Apple’s other gadgets.

Rather than trading in their device to a third-party like Gazelle, Apple hopes consumers will bring their old iPhones into its retail stores and buy from there. Meanwhile, they will check out some iPads and Macs, effectively helping Apple sell more of those devices as well.

Perhaps Apple will announce some sort of trade-in or buyback program in time for the next major iPhone and iPad release.

[via CNET]

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