Apple’s Back to School Specials Now in Action

Apple Back to School

Apple has a yearly back to school special for its products. Right now, students can pick up a new Mac and receive a $100 App Store gift card. Those who pick up an iPad or iPhone get a $50 gift card.

It may not sound like a lot, but those gift cards go a long way. Most ideal (at least if I were a student) is a new MacBook Air. Apple’s computers have educational pricing (year round, from what I remember). Then students get the gift card on top of that. The education pricing is just a bit, too, but it goes up incrementally depending on the computer purchased. More expensive computers get bigger discounts. Sometimes, makes me wish I were still a student.

Oh well, real life started a few years back. Get used to it. It’s coming for you, too!

[via Apple]


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