ASpotter’s Interesting Accessories of the Week


Our friends at ASpotter have another week’s worth of accessories to check out. One of the coolest is a midi controller for iPad that doubles as a case. Also neat is a Garmin accessory that projects the map onto your windshield.

Take a look below.

Miselu C.24


This is a cool new kind of iPad midi controller-type keyboard. It’s designed to fit on like a case, but the keyboard extends to give it a little depth. This means when you play, the keys feel a bit more realistic than most portable controllers. It’s still a Kickstarter project. It needs some help. Maybe one day it will become a reality at some point. Link



Ostfold iPhone 5 Sleeve Case


This case is handmade. It’s felt, wool and leather. We actually really like it. The only real downside is that it’s more a sleeve, and some people prefer quick access to their touchscreen. Link



Olloclip’s Telephoto Lens


If you enjoy taking photos with your iPhone (most of us do) this accessory may help up the quality a bit. Rather than using that terrible digital zoom, you can use a lens intended for zooming. It also has a polarizing filter to improve clarity by reducing glare and haze. Link



Garmin Portable HUD


This is very awesome. It feels kind of like one of those cool science fiction movies we used to watch in the 80s and 90s. It projects your map directions onto your windshield. This means you don’t have to look down to check the directions. It’s within your field of vision. Link

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