ASpotter’s Top Accessories of the Week

keyboard case

It’s time to take a look at some noteworthy accessories for the week. Our friends at ASpotter (Accessory Spotter) have found a few accessories that are worth looking at. Particularly cool is the iPad Rust Cover. Take a look below.

iPad Rust Cover


This is a cool little rust-patterned iPad cover. It’s a clear case, but it has a design that makes it look as if the iPad is weathered and corroded. Check it out here. Link


AirBender Mini

keyboard case

This is a sweet little keyboard case. It’s the AirBender Mini for the iPad mini. It’s only $40, which isn’t  a bad price for this kind of accessory. Link


CloudCover Weatherproof Case


We don’t believe that any case is truly waterproof. Weatherproof, however, is something else. Perhaps you need something that will protect your iPhone from a little rain or the occasional splash by the pool. This is your accessory for that. Link


The dockBoss 5


The dockBoss 5 is designed to enable you to connect any smartphone to an iPod or iPhone dock. It has a 30-pin connector on one end, and a USB port on the other. Also included is a headphone jack. Just plug in the device to your smartphone, and pop it into any iPhone or iPod dock. Link


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