Beautiful Mock-Ups of Apple’s Rumored Low-cost iPhone

iPhone low-cost mockup

We know. You’ve heard rumors almost every day for the past two years about a low-cost iPhone. Chances are something is going on. We just don’t know it.

However, we are now seeing some renders based on current rumors. Website MacRumors got the folks at Ciccarese Design to create some convincing mock-ups of the rumored handset. We have no idea what the real thing will look like, but they did a good job of making something that looks pretty.

This does look accurate based on all the rumors we’ve heard so far. It’s plastic, and it’s colorful. It’s also running iOS 7, which is likely from any future iPhone model (well, until iOS 8 arrives, of course.)

Still, these are very cool to look at, and they create a realistic picture of what the rumored device may look like.

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