Busted: iPhone Thief Leaves His Samsung Galaxy at Crime Scene


iPhone 5_white_black

Here’s a funny story for today. A dude named Travis Snyder tried to steal several iPhones from a Virginia retailer. He thought he’d gotten away with it. Then it turns out that he left his Samsung Galaxy at the scene.

He stole from a store called DMW Wireless. He stole several iPhones and had somehow dropped his own smartphone near the broken glass door. Now he’s in a world of trouble, because all they had to do was check his phone and trace it back to him. Even funnier is that he looks just like the guy the security cameras captured during the break-in, removing any doubt that the handset was left behind mistakenly by a legitimate shopper or someone who wasn’t involved.

That’s what you get for breaking in and stealing, kiddo.

[via Gizmodo]

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