Developer Tips on Migrating to iOS 7

iOS 7

iOS 7 brought some major changes to Apple’s popular mobile operating system. It has a totally new look and feel. However, things are so different that it can make current apps feel a bit outdated.

The information in the Teehan+lax guide stresses the importance of making the app feel like it belongs in iOS 7:

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that users are going to expect their favourite applications to be updated to feel at home in the new version of iOS. This can be quite a feat if your application is large, complex, or has a legacy codebase. However, the new look and feel of iOS 7 is going to happen – there’s no avoiding it. Applications that choose not to adopt the new visual style will feel out of place and outdated on the new OS.

It’s good information for developers looking to keep up with the major changes coming to iOS. They also mention that Apple is known for highlighting apps that embrace its design sense. This, they say, “represents a significant opportunity.” That it does.

It’s worth checking out if you are developer.


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