Finally a Believable iPhone 5S Rumor: Slow-mo Video

iPhone 5 camera

Here’s an iPhone 5S rumor that we can actually believe. The handset will allow for slow motion video recording. The story comes from 9to5Mac.

Unlike the fingerprint sensor we’ve heard so much about, this one seems grounded in reality. It’s possible that the next iPhone will have a new camera and software that enables it to record video at a higher framerate, which will give the appearance of slow-motion when it’s played back.

The report claims that Apple is working on something called Mogul mode. This is something that has a small mention somewhere deep in the iOS 7 beta software.

It’s possible that it would capture video at 120fps. It looks pretty cool when applied, because it captures slow motion without creating that horrible blur effect we usually get from video we try to force into slow-mo.

It would be pretty cool to see it happen.


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