How to Opt Out of AT&T’s Targeted Advertising

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AT&T does targeted advertising. Based on phone data, such as location, apps you use, etc. The company will share your information with outside parties. Supposedly, this info is anonymous. We don’t know.

However, the idea is something like this: If you use a lot of food-type apps, order food, look up restaurants, etc. The advertising may point you to some restaurants that are in your area. Some people don’t really like the idea of that. It may sound nice that it’s going to be about stuff that feels relevant, but we don’t know how much of our information is going out. What if it knows I call my mom once a week? Or my grandparents each night? Then I start receiving advertising along the lines of, “Always keep in touch with Mom.” With special gift ideas. The question becomes, “how much of my information is being handed over?” If they know I call my mom often, do they know her number now? Questions like that arise. We don’t want to seem accusatory, but we do have to wonder how much information we are unknowingly divulging to outside parties.

Fortunately, you can opt out.

Do it by following the links below:

Computer –

Mobile device –

Please read more at the ACLU.

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