iPad Game Designed to Help Children Learn and Enjoy Math


Here’s something different and cool. A couple of parents created a game for their daughters who were struggling with math in middle school.

The game is called Mission: MATH…Sabotage at the Space Station. It’s available on the App Store for iPad at $7.99. While it’s designed with young girls in mind (the husband and wife development team made it for their daughters) boys can play it, too. However, their avatar will be female.

It’s because the developers not only wanted to teach their daughters math, they wanted to portray smart women in roles with strong leadership skills. According to the makers, the game is old. Their daughter, Emily, who was in fourth grade at the time struggled with math. Now an adult working on her Ph.D in developmental psychology, she’s actually very proficient in math and engineering, says the report.

It’s an interesting story worth checking out here.

Check out the App below:


Direct link: here

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