iPhone 5S Rumor: Quad-core graphics, and 2GB RAM

iPhone 5 camera

We’re hearing more and more rumors about the iPhone 5S, which is supposed to be Apple’s next major smartphone. We’re sure it will look pretty much like the iPhone 5, but feature some internal component updates.

According to a report from Expreview, the iPhone 5S will feature a 12MP camera and a dual LED flash. Also in the handset, support for 4G LTE-advance networks. The device itself will still have a Swift dual-core processor, but the major change comes in the graphics. It will be a 554MP4 quad-core processor. The device will also have 2GB of RAM.

We still don’t buy the fingerprint sensor rumor, but we keep hearing it. It’s impossible to confirm. We need harder evidence of that one.

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