iPhone is Most Popular Device for Facebook Sharing

Facebook sharing

According to a recent report, the iPhone is the most popular device when it comes to sharing content on Facebook.

When it comes to total Facebook shares, 12.4 percent of them happen on an iPhone. 7.4 percent come from an Android device. 6.3 percent come from a BlackBerry. Macs and PCs make up 5 and 3.9 percent respectively, while the iPod is furthest behind at 3.4 percent.

Much of this is probably because we are always carrying our smartphones around. It’s easy to see a link or story and hit the share button while skimming your Facebook feed. We do it all the time. It doesn’t happen as much on our computers, because we may not be on them as often or have them around 90 percent of the time like we do our handsets.

[via MacLife]

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