Kickstarter: Check out the Snuglet — it Secures Your MacBook Power Cable


We haven’t used the latest MagSafe power connectors. However, it seems that one common complaint people have with it is that it falls out too easily.

That’s partly by design. It’s made so that if someone trips over the cord while the MacBook is charging, it doesn’t damage the cord, and it doesn’t damage the MacBook (the cord releases, and the laptop unplugs.)

However, for some it’s a little sensitive. It the computer is on your lap, it’s sometimes easy to knock the cord off with your leg. At times, you may not even realize it’s no longer plugged in. However, the Snuglet is designed to keep the power connector in a bit more snuggly, but not enough to keep the connector in should someone trip or pull on the cord.

It’s now a Kickstarter campaign, and has quickly met and surpassed its funding goal of $9,000.

You can check it out here.

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