More iPad Mini Rumors: Lighter iPad Mini Coming This Year, Retina Next Year

iPad mini hand

Uh oh. Here comes another Digitimes report. At least this one is somewhat grounded in reality. It says that Apple plans to release a higher-spec iPad mini this year. That part, we can pretty much be sure about. It’s part of the company’s yearly product cycle. However, the strange part is that we may not see a Retina-equipped mini until later. Perhaps 2014.

However, Digitimes claims it will come early in the year. We don’t know about that. Digitimes always has a way of taking something that seems plausible, then smashing it completely by adding a weird factor that makes it seem much more unlikely.

Either way, the report claims that the Retina iPad mini will have almost no Bezel. That’s interesting. Bezels seem entirely necessary. The slightest touch on the edge of the screen when you’re holding the device would launch apps, turn pages, and so on. It just doesn’t seem ideal for regular use.

[via 9to5Mac]

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