Report: iPad Web Share Grows to 84%

tablet webshare

iPad web share has grown to 84.3 percent, according to a recent report. This is the highest it’s ever been, says The Loop, citing some Chitika analytics.

This is up nearly two percent from it’s previous high of 82.4 percent. Second in web share, yet far behind the iPad is Amazon’s Kindle Fire at 5.7 percent. Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy family of tablets is at 4.2 percent.

While this does show us that the Apple tablet is likely the most popular of the bunch, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is only web share. In other words, this is how many people are using the browsers on these devices. While browsing is a popular pastime on most tablets, we have no idea if these are being used more for playing games or watching movies or productivity, or anything else.

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