Report: iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Having Manufacturing Issues

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According to DigiTimes, Apple is having issues with manufacturing the make-believe fingerprint sensor we’ve been hearing so much about.

In other words, DigiTimes probably realized the silly rumor was, and decided that it’s sources should mention manufacturing woes. The iPhone 5S was rumored to come with a fingerprint sensor. However, that’s a little more difficult to believe since ‘S’ models remain pretty much the same as far as hardware goes. A minor camera update here or there, maybe some faster internal components, but in the past, the devices look the same on the outside.

We may be wrong, but we don’t yet buy the fingerprint sensor rumor. We know Apple may be working on it, but it seems like more of something we will see in its 2014 devices. At that point, we will expect some major hardware revision, and we will expect new laptops and iPads.

We will see soon enough, though.

[DigiTimes via CNET]


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