Report: iWatch to be Made of Liquidmetal?

liquid metal t 1000

According to some reports, Apple could be planning to use Liquidmetal for the iWatch. We’ve heard of the alloy before. It’s designed to be ultra-light, but extremely durable.

In the past, the little SIM removal tool that came packed with the iPhone was made of LiquidMetal, but it doesn’t seem that any of Apple’s actual devices were made of the material. However, there are some hints that Apple could use the stuff for the iWatch. It comes in the form of a patent. According to the patent, awarded July 16, things like iPhone, portable web browsers such as the iPad, computer monitors and portable music players. It also mentions that a watch or a clock could be made from the material. We’ve heard so many iWatch rumors in the past several months, that this is a likely candidate for that alloy.

The patent itself is for the process of forming sheets of the alloy for use in such devices. Perhaps it will start making up the outer shells of some of these devices in the future.

[Electronista via CultofMac]

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