Report: The Average iPhone App Costs 19 Cents, the Average iPad App is 50 Cents

iPhone app average price

According to a recent report, the average iPhone app costs only 19 cents. The data comes from Flurry, a mobile analytics firm.

As it turns out, the free apps are so abundant, and consumers are more willing to download those, that it brings down the whole average. The report also mentions that the iPad has an average app price of 50 cents. That’s pretty low. As for Android? It’s six cents.

Those are some low prices, but it’s part of that race to the bottom as more and more apps are free, or just very cheap. A lot of us don’t want to pay for apps. I pay occasionally, but it definitely has to be something cool and worth having, like a great game (Plants vs. Zombies) or a useful camera app or something similar. The thing is that we also see many free apps that provide us with what we need: navigation, Twitter, Facebook, internet browing, etc.

You can check out more of the report here.

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