Rumor: This is What the iPhone Mini Looks Like


Okay. This is just a leaked photo. Rather “a leaked photo.” We can’t be sure if they are real. The colors aren’t exactly pretty. If anything, we’d expect the match to be closer to the current-gen iPod touch. That said, it may just be the quality of the camera and photos that makes the colors seem…well, ugly.

If real, these are the shells that will likely be part of the lower-cost iPhone we’ve heard so many rumors about.

We can’t be sure, and we aren’t going to say that they are real. Still, it somewhat matches up with the rumors we’ve been hearing: plastic, curved back, about the same size as the iPhone 5, colorful. It’s hard to say. Things like these could easily be fabricated, or even just cheap imitation iPhones from a factory.

We will know at some point, but it won’t be until Apple makes some sort of an announcement regarding its next line of handsets.

[via NWE]

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