Rumor: This is What the Low-Cost iPhone Looks Like Next to an iPhone 5

cheaper iPHone rumor

Yet another supposed iPhone leak. Again, it’s the cheaper iPhone. This morning we saw a video of the casing, but we can’t say whether or not it’s real. The same goes for this one. We have no idea if the image is a real iPhone.

That said, CultofMac does make the point that even it if is fake, this may be a very good representation of what the rumored handset will look like. The size matches up with what we’ve heard, and the design is pretty much in line with previous rumors.

It’s hard to say right now. Perhaps it’s an early prototype, or a well-made mock-up being passed off as genuine.

For now, just look at it, and take it as an approximation of what the plastic iPhone may look like.

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