Security Researcher Says He’s Responsible for Apple Developer Site Hack

ibrahim balic

If this guy is telling the truth, the news may not be as bad as it originally seemed. A security researcher by the name of Ibrahim Balic claims that he is responsible for the Apple developer site intrusion we learned about recently.

He says he didn’t do it with any malicious intent. Whether to believe him is another thing. However, he says that he has shared the information with Apple, and let the company know about the vulnerability. Any information obtained, he claims, will be deleted.

We can’t confirm that he is telling the truth about hacking the website. Furthermore, we can’t confirm that he will delete the data, or that there was no malicious intent. Either way, his intent may be irrelevant. I am not totally skilled in these laws, but I can equate it with breaking into a bank, taking money out of the vault, putting it on the counter and saying that I just wanted to check how good their security is. I’m sure the bank wouldn’t be happy with me.

[via 9to5Mac]

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