Silly Rumor: iPhone 5S to be Delayed Because of Larger Display

iPhone 5_white_black

Yet another silly rumor coming from some upstream suppliers, or whatever the original report claims. Doesn’t matter much, because it’s not true. Rather than us reporting this as a rumor, we will report it as a warning of a rumor not to believe. Supposedly, Apple is going to delay production of the iPhone 5S, because it wants to go with a 4.3-inch display rather than the 4-inch display of the current iPhone.

We know that’s bogus. As CultofMac points out, Apple never drastically changes the ‘S’ models. The company isn’t going to suddenly decide that it wants a 4.3-inch screen instead, which will delay a pretty much finished product in a highly competitive market. It doesn’t take long for smartphones to start showing their age. It won’t take long before the iPhone 5 needs at least some sort of spec bump in the form of iPhone 5S in order for Apple to stay competitive.


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