95% of Developers Updating Their Apps for iOS 7

iOS 7 developer updates

This may not be the most telling survey, but the results are interesting. Developer Craig Hockenberry (Twitterrific) took a poll on his blog to see what developers were doing about iOS 7. He’s dropping support of pre-7 versions of iOS and updating his app for Apple’s latest. After receiving 575 responses, here’s what he’s found.

He found that 95 percent of developers will update their apps. 52 percent of those surveyed will drop pre-7 support. As TUAW says, it’s not a surprise that developers want to update. However, it’s interesting to see that many will drop support for older versions of iOS.

Let’s hope there aren’t many users out there who aren’t yet able to upgrade. However, it seems that most will have a phone with the necessary requirements by the time iOS 7 comes around.


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